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Title: Beliefs and Happiness
Post by: NFX on August 17, 2006, 11:01:47 PM
"Be a good person and take care of yourself and help your fellow man" could apply to many religions. It's logical to take care of yourself and insure your future survival by helping others. When did it get to be important to kill (or treat as lesser beings) those who do not believe in your beliefs?

In many ways religion is a like a sales pitch. You get the promise of some great payoff at the end of your life, be it heaven, nirvana, coming back as a cow or getting to bone 72 virgins. But in order for you to get that reward (as a chosen one) you must do what a man has dictated. Thats right MAN. God didn't write the Bible or Torah. Allah didn't write the Koran. Man did. And you know what it connects to our own human weakness of greed and want for that payoff.

We all know, if we are honest with ourselves, that man is not perfect therefore anything done by man cannot be perfect. Man has fear, doubts and agendas. Higher beings such as God or Allah would have none of that.  Whatever your Higher Power, if they wanted everyone to know the objective truth to the universe they would only have to say "Let it be so"

And I do believe there is a higher power out there, I believe each one of us is here for a reason. But I also believe that the true way is the one that the Higher Power has instilled in your heart and spirit at conception. To follow any other path is no being true to one's self and not being true to yourself is living a lie.

And that brings me to the secret of happiness. Money, power and respect are not it. Being able to express who you really are is the real secret. To me thats fulfilling the plan laid out for you. I also truly belive that once you have reached this level of existence, anything is truly possible. Because once we let another man's ideals run our thoughts, we also let man made fears, doubts and agendas run our thoughts. Think of it this way, what if there is no payoff at the end of your life? Would you be a good person? Or what if you never heard of religion but instead just followed your heart, would you deserve to get the payoff at the end of your life? Maybe the true payoff is discovering what makes you happy here and living a life of joy everyday and making the lives of those around you better.

Title: Re: Beliefs and Happiness
Post by: Primo on August 18, 2006, 09:00:41 PM
Title: Re: Beliefs and Happiness
Post by: King Tech Quadafi on August 18, 2006, 10:49:46 PM
u know what my thang is?

too many motherfuckers get worked up over gods intentions. my side included.
i mean we dont know what gods ultimate plan is.

for example, god tells me to be a good muslim, at least this is what i believe. but whose to say i have to bang on people who dont act like good muslims. whose to say what gods intentions are towards them.

sure, my religion may say god has caste them to hell fire. but i dont know this, so how can i act on it
maybe god is just sayin that to scare the shit out of folks, and in the end we all have wine n cheese in heaven.

most world religions say that our existence on this earth is a test. well how do we know that gods rules to us are a test too?

control ur own damn selves and dont worry about what god would do. leave that up to the creator.
Title: Re: Beliefs and Happiness
Post by: J Bananas on August 18, 2006, 11:13:36 PM
Religion was comforting and interesting and the most captivating form of entertainment to early civilizations on earth. Of course, as human beings progressed and the make up of the earth changed, humans found new ways to explain the world around them. When new institutions like art and science took ahold of many societies' mainstream, other cultures who still devoted most of their time to religion felt challenged. This is where the idea of religious fundamentalism first occurs, people feeling insecure about their dedication to religion, will in turn take it to another level by trying to enforce their beliefs on others. it in the early days, religious fundamentalism was so barbaric that people would take eachothers lives to prove their dedication to religion. the catholics in europe, fucking nuts. spanish inquistion? Islamic moors? these sand monkeys were insane and raped and pillaged a lot of southern europe forever changing the ethnic bloodline of Itallian French Spanish Portos....all that. religion at its basic level (entertainment) can be great, like a a baseball game, or a movie, or a book. but when fundamentalism comes into the picture. things start to go downhill. I mean, lets look at bryan. what the fuck is wrong with this guy? he's gone servely out his way to reject his upbringing and constantly litter us with propaganda about islam. he pretends to never be wrong, and tells us that even though he accepts other cultures he believes his side is right, and he must inform everyone else they are infidels. and he lives in kansas! i honestly fear one day after enough rejection and teasing by everyone around him, that he might just step it up another level to prove his dedication. his personality here screams psycho. anyways, this is my high rant, i appreciate religion, but letting it rule your everyday outlook is just as bad as drug,food,tv,sports addiction.
Title: Re: Beliefs and Happiness
Post by: Trauma-san on August 18, 2006, 11:43:35 PM
I see nothing wrong with organized religion, christians, muslims, zoroathrianism or whatever it's called.  It all makes perfect sense to me, I don't see what the big problem is.  Saying that it's something that interested earlier civilizations that weren't as intelligent is pretty low brow in my opinion, religion has nothing to do with intelligence. 

Even if you put absolutely no importance on religion, and you believe for instance that Christianity is all a big story made up by whomever.... being so dead set on telling and proving that it's bullshit tips your hand; it shows that you yourself aren't as intelligent as you think you are. 

Let me give you a little story, make of it what you will.

If you go to the mall, and you see Santa dressed up sitting on a throne in the middle of the food court, and all these little 5 year olds are running up to him, and the kid next to you goes "Look! it's santa!" do you

a. smile


b. Tell the kid that's not santa, that's a fat man in a red suit

When I go the mall and that happens, I remember being a kid, waiting on santa, going to the mall and seeing him, watching his shows on television, seeing him in parades, opening presents, I remember my family, and it makes me happy to see another kid making a memory he'll remember the rest of his life.  Thank god for Santa, right? 
Title: Re: Beliefs and Happiness
Post by: WestCoasta on August 19, 2006, 12:02:57 AM
^^^ I'm not trying to counter your response at all or anything, but I'd assume the average age kids stop believing in Santa is like 9-10

and I'd say organized religion and Santa have similarities

a little kid absolutely won't believe Santa is not real, no matter how many people tell him.... you can present facts and still won't change the mind

same thing with organized religion... you can have the most obvious facts and use common sense to derail some theories or beliefs

but the person still will ignore because they are afraid, so afraid, of the truth

either way, whatever... people who have beliefs is fine, religion is fine, believe what you wanna believe

the only problem I have with religion is when people become militant about it or force it on others and try to change shit for other people because of it

all because they think it's right... the most irritating thing is when people believe they're God is the God for everyone....

 like there's some people who believe America is God's country.... and are actually dumb enough to think God singled out America to represent

and last but not least, when retards thank God for petty things.... as in an athlete thanking God for winning the game.... yeah that's right, God wanted YOU to win buddy

Title: Re: Beliefs and Happiness
Post by: Trauma-san on August 20, 2006, 04:17:00 AM
You just don't understand, you didn't get the analogy.  Sorry, wish i had a better vocab for ya.  It has nothing to do with believing or not believing in santa claus, I was talking more about having a belief in things other's clearly see differently and the effect that has on your spirit and your happiness.  The title of the thread is beliefs and happiness.  Happiness is specific to each person, what makes one person happy may not make the next person happy.  Santa clause specifically makes some children happy.  A happy child makes others happy just by being in their presence, the validity of Santa Clause's identity is of very little concern.  The effect is still the same regardless of which person you are, the believer or the 'infidel'.... things get muddy when people are religious bigots and try to blow things up or tell people they're going to hell, but religion in it's true form has a good purpose regardless of whether or not you believe in it, it betters human beings by spreading euphoria and focusing on the validity of a certain religion misses the mark intellectually. 

Here's another analogy; that would be like me criticising Mother Theresa for her business plan.  If she only would have relocated to Ethiopia her business costs would have been lower and she would have helped so many more people.  run the numbers, everything is cheaper and she survived off donations, so any way you look at it, clear as day she was wrong to have her mission in .... (wherever it was).  The argument ignores the purpose and the result and all the good she did, and focuses on something totally unrelated that I see clearly different than she did. 

Of course people are going to have different religions.  I preach Christ's message the same way you preach their is no god.  You even make posts on message boards about it; you are just as religious as I am, you just have a different religion; we see things totally different.  Just as I'm sure about Jesus Christ, you're sure I'm wrong.  I'm sure you're wrong.  You could argue that there's no proof of God, and that it's a fairy tale.  I could argue that it's scientifically impossible to create matter without having other matter to create it from making the entire universe a fairy tale.  I could argue scientifically that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but yet science tells us when our body dies it loses it's animation and the brain no longer functions on energy.  That's not the point, if we argued the validity of either side, we'd be changing the entire focus of the conversation and steering it towards something that's entirely irrelevant.  It doens't matter if you're wrong or i'm wrong.... intellectually, the argument is much higher than that. 
Title: Re: Beliefs and Happiness
Post by: Trauma-san on August 20, 2006, 04:44:00 AM
Another example: You might see some family at the mall, and there's a mom and dad with 8 kids.  Next to them is a woman with 1 kid.  Both families are happy, even though the family with 8 kids is poor and can barely afford to feed all of them.  You might look at that and go "man, how could you be happy with 8 kids putting you in poverty? Why didn't they stop?" You might look at a kid with Down's syndrome even and go "man, how can that kid make them happy? They must hate that".... You'd be arguing something totally unrelated to the joy having children brings families.  You'd be intellectually right, but the argument about happiness is on a much higher plain, and specific to each individual.  Maybe having kids makes them very happy, and money doesn't matter at all to them.  You'd be missing that boat altogether and arguing something unrelated to what's really happening, even though you'd be correct.