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Title: PBS Case for War: In Defense of Freedom
Post by: Javier on April 19, 2007, 06:59:20 PM
It's split into 7 parts.  It's a documentary with Richard Perle defending the Neo conservative view on foreign policy

Title: Re: PBS Case for War: In Defense of Freedom
Post by: Infinite Trapped in 1996 on April 20, 2007, 04:45:27 AM
Richard Pearle... nothing but Zionist propaganda.
Title: Re: PBS Case for War: In Defense of Freedom
Post by: virtuoso on April 20, 2007, 05:29:12 AM
One of the biggest scandals of this war beyond the blatant changing of historical record is the number of dead which is propllugumated, the offical number of american soldiers that have died and for that matter the number of british soldiers who have lost their lives is again a complete and utter lie. The official figure only records those who died during battle i.e. those who died on the ground, it does not include all of the soldiers who died as a result of injuries sustained which leads to the conclusion of god knows how many more have actually died. The official figure for those who were injured in combat is well over 30.000, therefore even at conservative estimates the real death toll is probably well over 7000 american soldiers who have died. However if the american public were told that, they really would start freaking out and so the truth is swept under the rug and a watered down version of it is disseminated instead. if you really desire to see what the mindset of the neocons is, when it comes to war than a better representation of their thoughts is to pick up a book by leo strauss a man who they idolise.

I can not believe the inhumanity and downright cold lies that this man is spewing to this victim right to her very face. He is objecting to her claiming that lies were told which led to the invasion when the downing street memo documents that the the evidence should be made to fit, in other words regardless of the validity of the claim, throw it into the mix to create a much stronger picture. Colin Powell was on television back in 2001 saying that saddam does not have weapons of mass destruction and yet he then sells his soul by appearing before the U.N conveying completely the opposite message. The administration knew full well that the evidence was not there Hans Blitz said that chemicals had not been accounted for which is why they needed to go back into Iraq to continue their inspections. This is also is why in the white house memo which ray mcgovern had documented they discussed the idea of painting up an unmanned drone in U.N colours flying it over Iraqi airspace in the hope that the drone would be shot down and seemingly to the watching world they would be seeing cold blooded murder instead.

Lol now he saying he didn't hear the argument that Iraq was related to the attacks on September 11 again just another denial of reality and indicative of the twisted mind set of these people, complete double speak. The neocon scum were all over the television and news talking about the links that exist between Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden which were using as a reason then to highlight the necessity for a war in Iraq. Therefore instinctively people then make Iraq and terrorism synonymous with each other because it stops Al Queda. My god I can't believe he is so evil in the flesh, that scumbag has a lot of nerve though obviously nerve is not the word as seemingly his blood runs cold. Fuck it I will stop this dissection now, anyone that can't hear every sentence coming out his mouth to be spin and lies really needs to research.