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Title: PANIC
Post by: Chief on September 02, 2007, 06:49:14 AM
ok, i'm fucked. basically i'm in my 5th week of uni, and i havent done sweet fuck all this whole semester.

i just checked my marketing unit outline, and some shit is in it i didnt realise. basically i have a 5.5 page report due tomorrow  :-X

i need help.

heres the question:

"select an industry and discuss the macro and micro environments that are currently impacting on the industry. Your discussion should include details about the impact that these environments are having or may have on future marketing activities"

if you give any crazy shit, i need references!!!

the topic i'm choosing in MUSIC!!! any help will be muchly appreciated.

giddy giddy, lets get nuts.
Title: Re: PANIC
Post by: Jip on September 02, 2007, 07:17:38 AM
the obvious one would be illegal downloading and how sales have dropped, get some figures one year, total sales for a few years onwards and blame illegal downloading?
Title: Re: PANIC
Post by: Chief on September 02, 2007, 08:42:56 AM
^yep yep, i'll definetly be talking about the external forces the music industry faces, including illegal downloads.

i also need some ideas on:

-legal issues in music, ie: artists being sued over publishing rights etc.
-public opinions: trends in music etc, the thug image, the emo image etc.
-internal issues: artists in bad positions within a company, may cause them to release a lesser quality product, dj quik? i need more non hip hop related shit thats happening within the industry though! like some old school shit, bands being taken hostage by record companies n shit!

anyway, ima get readin some more.

any feedback is appreciated, no matter how obvious it may seem!
Title: Re: PANIC
Post by: Chief on September 02, 2007, 08:46:46 AM
i need some info on distribution companies, what are the major players? how do they get shit done?

fuck clocks ticking, havent started yet and it's 12am, got about 9 hours to get it done  :'(
Title: Re: PANIC
Post by: virtuoso on September 02, 2007, 09:42:19 AM

if uni is run in a similar way to what it is here in england, then I would not worry about it. The first year over here essentially means nothing, will not impact on what you finally come out with and as long as you achieve the bare minimum pass overall in the first year, then everything is fine. It is only the second and third year which you have to be mindful of. However if your curriculum is run differently then these words of mine are going to be completely invalidated lol.

Title: Re: PANIC
Post by: Chief on September 03, 2007, 02:21:10 AM
yeh i'm in my second year, but it's a firt year unit, talked to the tutor today, i got an extension til wednesday  8)