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Title: maybe.
Post by: zilla on May 01, 2008, 12:42:43 AM
maybe I fucked up cuzz I only live for today
maybe I fucked up cuzz I never had my way
maybe it's the stress from this dirty bay
maybe that's why my hair's turning gray
maybe this is my fate, maybe I have to wait
maybe something soon will turn my life straight
maybe it's the devil, maybe demons desire me
maybe this is why no jobs ever hire me
maybe I tried too hard, always got trapped
maybe I tried too hard, always trying to adapt
maybe my moms relocated me too many times
maybe I committed way too many crimes
maybe I was selfish for trying to get mines
maybe god got sick of showin me so many signs
maybe karma decided to be the bitch that she is
maybe I'm done dealing with these bitch ass pigs
maybe it was my friends and their influence
maybe I never really got over the fence
maybe I never really got to know who I am
maybe I'll point fingers and blame uncle sam
maybe it's this confusion life brings on all of us
maybe it's my obsession to be one of the hustlaz
maybe I just really wanted to be somebody
maybe society never understood what I embody
maybe happiness ain't all it's bragged to be anyway
maybe shit will get better and change any day
maybe I should look up to the sky and pray
maybe I should run, escape and get away
maybe I'll run far, puff on a cigar, play life like a guitar
maybe I'll wish upon a star to erase my heart's scar
maybe I just need love, that sweet miracle touch
maybe I'm doin too much, hopin for a miracle clutch
maybe I'll blame anything, anyone, everything, everyone
maybe I'm finished, my life is over, maybe I'm very done
maybe I should chill out, enjoy life, have fun
maybe I'm just gettin started, maybe I've barely begun
maybe I should lose it, maybe I really can't cope
maybe I should refuse it, maybe I should have hope
maybe someday I'll look back at this time and laugh
maybe I'll buy out the whole bar, celebrate on my behalf
maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel
maybe I should keep going, never end the hustle
maybe I should stop talkin and just do this
maybe I should stop and see what god chooses
maybe my bruises result from abuses
but so what?
maybe I should stop makin excuses!

Title: Re: maybe.
Post by: Ali Tha Great on May 01, 2008, 12:45:54 AM
hella dope...+1 8) 8) 8)