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Title: !~AlerG...One Love...Single number 2~!
Post by: Now_Im_Not_Banned on October 05, 2002, 11:36:35 AM
Aiight, I wasn't sure if I should do this or not, but since it wouldn't hurt (and seeing how AlerG is about to put out his next album), I'm about to release the second single off of "WCC Presents...One Love" by AlerG titled "Left Right Left"...I'm doing this because when the compilation was released, not to many people checked it out (because of the negetive feedback and all), so I'm trying to build some new hype over this album...Maybe if ya'll take a minute out of u're day and pay attention, ya'll will see there are actually some bangers on this album...Just take a little time to peep this track, and I guarentee you wont be disapointed...And if u like this track and haven't really heard the album yet, be sure to check it out as well...

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Here it is:

AlerG - "Left Right Left" (Right Click + Save Target As...) (http://www.soundclick.com/util/DownloadSong.cfm?ID=98816)

Enjoy, and dont forget to peep "WCC Presents...One Love" The Compilation !!Click Here!! (http://forum.igangsta.com/cgi-bin/wcc/YaBB.pl?board=general;action=display;num=1030671474)...PeACe