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Title: CELL GOTTI STREAM...must peep!!!-Missing YOU-
Post by: Cell_Gotti on July 23, 2002, 08:57:44 AM
I came a lil different on this on..its kina a sick love song...feedback wanted.

-do not mess with shon he's to ill with words
when he speaks he burns..
im so hot, figured you'd niggaz learn you cannot beat the czar fuck who you are
fuck what you know
fuck where you from,dunn
Fuck your whole repetiour
produce more cuts than bobwire...
if i change my name again it's shon nitty
or shon capone
or something like shon Korleone..uh
bad boy...
not shon combs or shon diddy
shon's real he...
never falls produce more than balls
hits or jizm shon but not jigga...