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Title: Note to the middel east; don't buy it
Post by: dj dwezill on October 06, 2008, 08:20:43 PM

Brits led astray by bad navigation.  Sothern Iraq, Saudi AWACS.  For me this is not a coincidence.

These crashes are the result of intentional sabatoge by Huges, from the private sector, they were able to get these AWACS in place and operating in the now current combat zone.  There have been crashes that point to just such events happining.  f18/hornet flies in front of an active patriot battery.  2 18/ hornets fly into mountian at nite.

My father was an employee of Huges.  He was billed to the Saudies as an engineer, he has a political sciense degree from the Defence Intellegence College, in Washinton, DC.  His business card said he was a Techinical Trainning Enginner.  While training the Saudies in the early 90'S, he repoted back to Hughes that the planes wern't working right.  They told him to shutup about it and continue as though nothing had happened.  After 1 or 2 more trips to the desert to train the Saudies he decided not to go back for fear of his Trainnes finding out about the deseption and cutting off his head.  He said the problem with the planes was that they were miscalibrated, resulting in operators failing to make vectors, and or, downloading faulty NAV to other planes in their operating areas.  The Saudies now have 5 of these planes working in their turf.

I don't think Bush even knows about this trick Huges is playing out with the lives of coalition forces in the area.  6 Blackhawks went down rescuing sone of the oil Execs. in Sudan.[/SIZE]


 Bush and his old school money friends, real republicans, the kind that think world over population should be curbed by

about 4 billion! Any way they are the only benefactors of this bail out and it would have been necessary even if the vote on

it came after the election.  Bush may actually try to enact emergency powers act to stay in office.  Not a bad idea since

none of the candidates is qualified. 8)  Pardon my candor but i believe that you vote has only counted as a way to encourage

mass belief that the issues that the candidates are elected on are seldom part of their actual governmental polices, changed

to suite congress, special intrests, or other big money factors having nothing to do with their citizens wishes or votes.

See if this person will do anything,     
United Nations
Louise Kantrow                                                           

Adam Greene

Information Technology / Electronic Commerce

Heather Shaw

Joseph G. Gavin III
Vice President, Trade Policy and Associate Washington Representative

(202) 371-1316 or jgavin@uscib-dc.org


I say smoke better weed!!     

I don't think anyone can do anything.

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