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Title: New Shit
Post by: AlerG on April 03, 2002, 11:18:16 AM
AlerG came to rush you like some federal-tax/
It's veteran-rap, smack you with the head-of-the-gat/
Let-it-be-known, don't ever put your head-on-my-throne/
It's a dead-zone, choke you out with the chord of your head-phones/
Fit-the-pimp, runnin so i lift-the-sprint/
Ya ass pocket gettin covered with my kicks-imprint/
Hold up, look around like i got somethin-to-say/
Pump-and-i-spray 50 slugs comin-ya-way/
Hearin-you-test, and i'm a put the ear-to-the-set/
Fuck the threats that you make, i ain't fearin-you-yet/
I'm a muthafuckin scrapper, participate in wild-scuffles/
Who won't hesitate to knock that ass out with five-knuckles/
This-is-the-script, before i put my dick-in-ya-chic/
I'll kill ya off easy, put the slit-in-ya-wrist/
It's a wild game, i give no remorse-for-man/
And the way it looks, the game is gonna force-my-hand/

Title: Re: New Shit
Post by: ROCCY on April 03, 2002, 12:30:25 PM
Nice ish peace....
Title: Re: New Shit
Post by: TimeLock on April 04, 2002, 01:53:24 AM