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Title: jus a lil sumthin
Post by: 'Illicit' on December 07, 2001, 09:01:25 AM
I should change my name to Machiavellie/
and fade my enemies by fakin my death/
like an intelligent mercernary/
on a mission of finding worthy competition/
who i can deceive with my lyrical vision/
i believe is exquisit/
rough n explicit is how I spit it/
too much for ya mind - yall gon' neva get wit it/
my middle name is killa/
cuz i'm illa than illa/
dont give a fuck about no bitch in this rap-game-thrilla/
mothafuckas try to blast me/
come up and harass me/
but deep in they hearts they wanna be me/

yall lemme know whatcha think plz! aight

Title: Re: jus a lil sumthin
Post by: 'Illicit' on December 09, 2001, 12:12:08 AM
as i sit here alone reminiscing bout the past/
not one single thought occures bout my dad/
was never here when i needed him bad/
kinda sad/
but instead of forgivin like the bible says, im fuckin mad/
10 years ago he gave me up - for adoption/
my momz always taught me how to hate him with devotion/
but i found she's the one who forced him to that option/
and that shes the one who spread all that nonsense/
but two years ago - i set up a meetin/
asked him what was up n he admitted he was cheatin/
but he still had his reasons, for a silent-no-hug leavin/
"though i wasnt innocent, she did some shit that's illicit"
"i got sick of it, n left wit'out mention'nin it"
night for night i lay in my bed/
deliberated about what he had said/
dont know why but I felt a connection/
what he uttered seemed real/
so I developed a section/
in my heart where he could have his space/
when i departed he said he'd loved me with alll his grace/
however still I was seekin for proof/
that what he said was no lie but only the truth/
and it was true/
i heard stuff for which i hadn't a clue/
but on I grew/
n now me n my dad are cool/
dont think - i hate my mom with all o'my guts/
its just/
there're certain things i cannot forget/
no loves lost - shes still my mom/
the only thing thats gone is respect!

maybe yall think i shouldnt of writtin this unnecessary bullshit bout my momma, but it is true and i do love her , she is my mom after all, it just felt good gettin rid of it. it may not be good lyrically but I tried to elucidate it more as in a story.
dont hate on me!

Title: Re: jus a lil sumthin
Post by: ToNe1904 on December 09, 2001, 01:45:32 AM
thas real playa....keep keepin on...