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Title: Quick Spit
Post by: AlerG on November 20, 2001, 03:06:11 PM
my quick spit is like a lit wick, now burn
expose your 'private parts' to the world like howard stern
cowards turn the other cheek, when i speak it's like bible scriptures
expose the weakness consciencious state through my rivals pictures
give me two l's and i'm cool j
high and blunted on tuesday, you'll never know how a fool spray
all rhymes come off the dome
don't mean when i spit the shit ain't gonna come off the crome
two off ya dome, three off ya home
one to ya mans tryin to call 5-0 on the phone
why spit battle-raps to rattle-rats
yall ain't high enough callibre to be be snakes, so rattle-that
i stay attatched like the black spots on a cattles-back
play some ping-pong, flip out and fools get paddle-slapped
maybe i'm high, maybe i'm not
shady or what?
expose the pigs and pour a little gravy on cops
with eighty plus shots
lable me nuts
because i knock boots and rock cradles with sluts
i'm able to bust, attract like tables and dust
snort coke, 5 lines, killen off your 9 lives
re-enacting 9 times, or crackin off 9 spines
off 9 pines, like you smoked off my 9 dimes
so i'm 9 times, more pissed in orbit for more shit
have you callin 9-1-1 more than a line of fucken porshes

ah fuck it, i gotta peace.
Title: Re: Quick Spit
Post by: DarkM@GICI@N on November 21, 2001, 12:02:32 AM
my quick spit be that certified sikk shit
question my authority and wake up witcha
head twisted
for my own benefits
I remain knockin niggas off the primises
fukk bein a friend I'd rather be a nemesis
and diminish shit
there's no remedy
I spit sikk rhymes times infinity
dont need a reason to pull straps
I bust caps willingly
ya'll aint no real thugs
buncha online killahs
advanced from snails to slugs
I'm a certified sikk nigga

I tried to stay on the topic
real short though