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Title: Assasaination (Whoa)
Post by: da_notorious_mack on October 27, 2002, 02:13:12 PM
Aiight Kid,,,,,,,Imma Expose Ya Now,,,,,,,Just Watch,,,,,,


First of good battle, secondly i want a tryout for the crew.
I realize i haven't been on the board long, but i think i can bring a new flavor to the group. Holla at me, also ive talked to other members they feel it would be alright, but i had to ask you.



Who you did ya ask kid~we knew this was a farce quick~//
newbies get a dose of my wit~ask silence!oh yeah he quit~//
did ya think dissing me~would get ya credibility~//
nah fraid not G~all ya get is a taste of my ability~//
nobody feelin you~like Britney hangin wit gay dudes~//
if this was a game of pontoon i lose~cus mack known to show 22's~//[lol][1]
imgoin all out like track nine~on til the end of time~//[2]
that verse ya sent me was wack~even if i gave ya ma password ya couldnt mack~//
watch ya chest flop~like a wet mop~assailants on top~//
Im God Son~my guns a hot one~put a bullet in ya knot son~//
think ya hot~ hospital must have central heating~//
thats where you at after this lyrical beatin~//


Labeled a rook with 4 posts, you takin offence ?//
Eat a dick, you started beef, we just raise the extent//
make shit immense, keyin quickly, I ain't even fakin expense//
devestate ya with pens, we here to liquidate ya//
penetrate ya, asked to join and used your own shit to dissuade ya//
assassin, bitch you ain't no Assailant, we take hoes to hell and//
take foes to flamin, when Killuminati spit there ain't no prevailin//
your best diss toward us was thinkin you could be part of it//
ya hardest shit was cuss words, I eat MC's in a row while you starvin bitch//
you far from this, your talent put you not only a few levels down//
thought our crew let a clown in for pollutin us now ?//
HOE PLEASE! I can't hold these raps spittin out no peace//
dissin us you look like a cripple tryina provoke G's//
I tote heatas, not even the weakest roster need ya//
I won't deceive ya, lil children would leave ya blazed up like reefa//
I'm like pestilence, WCC's largest crew be excellence, not newbie excrements//

BITCH...Assailants...God Son, Killuminati...Blanket, grew sum, Gareefa, AlerG, Kane, Logic...and not you muthafucka

[1] Pontoon That Game Where Ya Gott Get Closest To 21 Without Going Other,22's also a gun....
[2]Track nine on til the end of time is "all out"

Title: Re:Assasaination (Whoa)
Post by: Reef on October 27, 2002, 02:19:34 PM
straight heat man.. dope..
Title: Re:Assasaination (Whoa)
Post by: ZILLA THA GOODFELLA on October 27, 2002, 02:26:04 PM
Yea, Im feelin this......some lines waz some coo ass shit......

Title: Re:Assasaination (Whoa)
Post by: da_notorious_mack on October 28, 2002, 10:01:07 AM
Title: Re:Assasaination (Whoa)
Post by: Kill on October 29, 2002, 10:12:45 AM
uppin his lyrical death