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Title: Why does society put so much emphasize on tha impo
Post by: HBKid_Jr on January 11, 2002, 07:10:44 PM
Why does society put so much emphasize on tha importance os school.  By now im sure a lot of u realized by now i hate school an find it almost completely useless.  Why is school such an important factor in our future sucess.  Now granted there's a lot of occupations that involve a longer eduacation but what about tha jobs that say u need a college education to get that job but when your actually on tha job u dont use almost nothing u learned in college an stuff u did learn was just re-hashed from high school.  You can say school improves people school skills.  If anything school has completely killed my self-esteem which i think im finally startin to regain some or slowly but surely.  It has killed basically any dreams i have had for myself b/c they make such a big deal of how important school is for gettin a good job.  But tha thing is,  i can not pass math.  I have myself so convinced it is useless that i cant learn an i cant pass it.  Yet what i wanna do when i get older does not involve math at all.  But yet i need it in order to go to a good college which results in gettin a good job.  But why all tha bull shit.  You can also say that it prepares use for tha real world b/c it helps when we a face a challenge we will face as adults.  But there are people who have been faced wit huge obsitcals in there life an overcomed them but they dont have time to deal wit tha petty bull shit we learn in school.  How come no1 cares about actual experience in tha real world but rather how we did on tha SAT's.  I dont know maybe its just me but i think a person who has been faced wit many problems an overcomed them in there lives would suceed under pressure compared to a person who has had a realativly easy life an did good in school,  i dunno maybe its just me.  I know i have a lot of spellin mistakes but school didnt find it necassary to re-enfource spelling after tha 6th grade.  I dont know why i feel this way about school,  maybe its suptin deeper than this,  proberly is.  IM just curious who else feels this way or has a completely different view than mines
Title: Re: Why does society put so much emphasize on tha
Post by: Sub-Z on January 11, 2002, 08:48:55 PM
i feel the same way u do,half the shit they teach us is useless,school is just a waste of my time.......
Title: Re: Why does society put so much emphasize on tha
Post by: Dogg_Pound_Gangsta on January 13, 2002, 11:54:55 PM
i think school is useless unless u know what u wanna do or take.  y waste 10,000 on shit that u relize later in life was a big mistake.  i say fuck school and everythin they teach.
Title: Re: Why does society put so much emphasize on tha
Post by: infinite59 on January 14, 2002, 12:04:54 AM
School should be about education, instead it's about segragation through testtaking, the seperate the real from the fake ones, and then your working at McDonalds serving a number 1, but your a real wigga, so you grab the cash out the drawer, put a gun to your skull, pull till the clip explodes then run, this shit didn't make sense I did it for fun.....peace

Anyway.... yo Tom, why don't you go educate yourself homeboy, and quit reading those books their giving you in school, pick out your own, and then go back when your ready, obviously graduate first, but then take a break and figure out the world for yourself, educate yourself, then take their shit.
Title: Re: Why does society put so much emphasize on tha
Post by: bLaDe on January 14, 2002, 03:32:33 AM
All i see are drug dealers, bullys,hoes, and dumb teachers who dont give  ashit,  peer pressure and all that can lower ones self esteem greatly, its a big pressure, and thats apart from studies

I've seen people with PHD's walking around jobless, or with a low job .... i've seen people who have done nothing, gain riches ...

Most of the ish in skool is useless, like math, so much of it aint gonna help me in my future career .... But hey , knowledge is power ................ i think


Title: Re: Why does society put so much emphasize on tha
Post by: bez on January 14, 2002, 04:50:16 AM
Most of the stuff they taught in school didnt even come up on the GCSE's (FInal Exams).  After that I was like what a fuckin waist of time.  I am at college now studying I.T and I am learning alot more than I did I school.  Its prob cos I am studying 1 thing and not going from English Lesson to Maths lesson and all that.  But I am learning much more than I did at school.