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Title: “When you win, we all win together. When you lose, you lose by yourself"
Post by: Elano on November 24, 2010, 11:46:07 PM
Lloyd Banks says his theme of The Hunger For More isn’t just a convenient sequel he chose to link his first and third albums, but also a mindset created by tough love from his mentor, 50 Cent. When Banks was dropped by Interscope following the lackluster sales of his sophomore effort, The Rotten Apple, he says a quote from 50 stuck with him.

“When you win, we all win together. When you lose, you lose by yourself,” Fif told Banks. While the quote didn’t offer much in the way of sympathy, Banks says he’s thankful for it in hindsight.

“But it's the truth. (50 Cent) is supportive, but to a certain extent,” Banks explained to the Associated Press. “He couldn't overextend himself. I was confused at the time. But it's what I needed. I became more hungry.” And so, the theme of a hunger for more was resurrected. And while Banks’ figurative hunger paid off with a gold single and another major distribution deal for his third album, the Queens native hasn’t forgotten about impoverished families who literally have a hunger for more during the holiday season.

Along with the G-Unity Foundation, Banks gave out dozens of Thanksgiving turkeys to families in need. Lloyd Banks also handed out a few scholarships to college-bound students in Queens. When asked for his motivation, Banks was quick and direct with his response.

“I remember when I was a little kid and never really had anybody to come and talk to me…not that I would listen to at least.”
Title: Re: “When you win, we all win together. When you lose, you lose by yourself"
Post by: Action! on November 25, 2010, 07:24:42 AM
Too bad not many of his rhymes reflect the sentiments expressed by 50 or his reflection of his childhood.

I do think Banks can create a classic but he needs to tighten up his writing and more or less go for a concept album-esque approach.  Basically, how does this song fit into the album next to this song?

I really wish he released 80s Baby because his pen is vivid and captures his roots and how it shaped him

I been gone for a minute, not a minute to waste
nigga ask me a stupid question, I'm a spit in his face
I taste the good, had a bowl full of bad
without the spoon, thank God for everything that I had
I'm no buffoon, a goon, life's short I zoom
I like the room, kaboom, it's funny how you leave the womb
then die over coon, I'm about as high as the moon
me and my rider platoon, I'm a survivor for real, homicide on the tomb
I sweep the floor with these niggas, I am the broom
my heaters the dust pan, I pick them all up soon
soon as I made it, everything I learned to love, hated
relationships tarnished, faded, jealousy related
nigga I'm not to be played with like a cop gun so stop son
you don't want to catch a hot one, best believe I got some
my p-y-t's shotgun, my p-a-c's thumping
the air conditioner is bumping, cause its a hundred and something
the temperature's rising, i been trying to keep my cool
if you don't believe in yourself, why believe in you?
try with anything you do, I'm in a completely different shoe
the cops see me as an animal they rather keep me in the zoo
you'll feel the affects too, a nigga go bananas, ape
we don't discriminate, '09 can get a wake
my mind is on cake, that I can appreciate
I aint from the old school, but I'm a new school great

80's baby
Southside made me crazy
made me cold, made me icy, I dare a nigga to play me
nigga do, he better grave me, aint shit gravy, I'm shady
I bring them singing from that fat lady, Mercedes
his bank realer, it don't get no realer, I realize
they going to hate you, they don't get no scrilla, I figure
i put my foot on they neck, for my respect, I bet
them niggas all hit the deck, they hear the scet

at it like I'm starving, 0 delta when they dodging
near a mile I hear them barking, celebrate with chronic sparking
parking everywhere, change my......