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Title: Breaking News: Murder Inc Raided by the Feds!!!
Post by: King Tech Quadafi on January 04, 2003, 11:55:33 AM
Early Friday, federal authorities raided the Manhattan offices of Murder Inc. and CEO, Irv Gotti. The task force went into the offices and seized computers and documents as part of an investigation to see whether Irv Gotti has financial ties to drug lord Kenneth McGriff. The two grew up in Brooklyn and McGriff produced and co-wrote Murder Inc's first film called Crime Partners 2000 which is expected to be released straight to video this year. The L.A. Times say McGriff and Gotti have been seen together inside and outside of the Murder Inc offices often.

Authorities are trying to determine whether Gotti used money from drug trafficking to launch his label and music career. According to L.A. Times the investigation is also looking for evidence of money laundering, gang ties and a recent series of violent attacks in the rap music world. The violent attacks being referred to could possibly be the murder of Jam Master Jay (read the editorial here) or the recent tension between rapper 50 Cent and Murder Inc.

During the 1980s, McGriff was head of the drug gang, the Supreme Team and was known for running the crack cocaine trade in Jamaica, Queens. McGriff and most of his cohorts were arrested in 1988 and served 10 years in prison. McGriff was recently arrested for parole violations.


Title: Re:Breaking News: Murder Inc Raided by the Feds!!!
Post by: On The Edge of Insanity on January 04, 2003, 01:09:28 PM
Well as much as I hope that this would signal the end for Murda Inc if the links were found to be there, unfortunately the damage has already been done, and all the Murda Inc artists would still most probably be able to get similar deals on other labels, or Ja Rule would just sign the rest of them to his label and things would continue as normal.