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Title: CREDITS: Cool Nutz - So Portland
Post by: Zuka on October 26, 2011, 05:09:52 AM
Cool Nutz
So Portland


1. Jesus Juice (feat. Toni Hill)
Produced by Jeffery Simmons Jr.

2. So Drunk (feat. Kenny Mack & Maniac Lok)
Produced by HI-Q

3. Persevere (feat. Chris Ray)
Produced by Terminill

4. Love Iz (feat. Bosko)
Produced by Terminill

5. Young Mix A Lot
Produced by HI-Q

6. Blacktop (feat. Pricy)
Produced by Terminill

7. Rude Boys Remix (feat. BG & Maniac Lok)
Produced by Bosko

8. The Beezy
Produced by Mario Bolden

9. Streets Callin (feat. Maniac Lok & Arjay)
Produced by HI-Q

10. They Dont Have To Know (feat. E-40, Bosko & DD Artis)
Produced by Bosko

11. Every Single Day (feat. Luni Coleone & Von OP)
Produced by Kuddie Fresh

12. Come Get It (feat. Luni Coleone & J. Townsend)
Produced by Kuddie Fresh

13. Black Music (feat. Bosko)
Produced by Jake One