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Post by: muthafocka on March 01, 2003, 07:23:01 AM
Would somebody please tell me the names and web addresses/real addresses phone number e-mail fax etc of some reputable recruitment agencys in London..i could be moving there in the summer and i want to get ahead on the job-hunting shit...
Also would any1 who lives in London know more about this .. supposesdly some colleges exsample Kings college in london lets out their rooms in summer .. i'm not a student .. but i'm just as poor as one and until i get a job i'll need a cheapo place to stay at until i find somewhere better .. but i also need somewhere that i know is safe like a college .. would any1 have more info on that ?Perharps some1 is a student at a university in London and has heard about that already? Whats the rent like?
um..i hope that message made sense .. i have searched the net and my "rough guide to london" but have found nothing solid so far .HELP!!!!!!