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Title: It could be Iraq it could be Afghanistan
Post by: virtuoso on April 25, 2013, 03:02:34 PM

Nope it's the friendly cops instigating a complete lockown of a city and surrounding areas, brandishing high powered guns threatening journalists and residents like it's some kind of war zone.

Obama and the other psychotic devils fired the first few salvos back in 2012, boom! warrantless wire tapping in, BOOM! the lawful detention of individuals without charge, without trial, without evidence, to remain indefinitely incarcerated in, BOOM! the justified murdering of american citizens on foreign soil without duo process, just straight up assasination.

Here the come drone attakcs as the cops are given a kill order on Dohner, another 2 kill orders go out for these alleged bombers, one of which is dead and the other is not even read his rights, can't speak so we will never hear what he has to say.

BOMBS AWAY! As Holmes (the alleged shooters in Aurora) is to be given truth serum now for anyone that doesn't know this already it is not a magical drug to help you tell the truth, it's a torture tool, so now they are openly torturing prisoners.

Fuck you constitution! CRRRRRRRRRRASH, go the doors of people's homes as the cops are instructed to violate the fourth amendement openly.

Good job team say the psychopathic scum to the media who have convicted these 2 people without any trial.

RIP to people's minds as the ones being menaced by these cops chant USA USA USA, dumb mother fuckers.
Title: Re: It could be Iraq it could be Afghanistan
Post by: Aladin on April 26, 2013, 12:34:35 PM
People don't like reading, so here is some visuals http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6Zu9T3yVcg
Title: Re: It could be Iraq it could be Afghanistan
Post by: virtuoso on April 27, 2013, 10:29:51 AM
I am still in a state of shock, it seems surreal to me that notions of a coming martial law should have been mocked for so long, simply dismissed as nothing more than fanciful, paranoid conspiratorial nonsense and yet, that's exactly what was enacted in Boston, a city of 5 million and now they it's happened, the general public are in adoration of it. Meanwhile I am still pinching myself because sadly it is confirmation of much of what I have understood would be occurring in the coming years and that confirmation is now confirmation of much worse to come. That is the first time I have seen a video by Nathaniel, but that jewish guy does a very good job of succinctly breaking down what occurred. I think this is the day that America officially died, you could perhaps go back to Katrina too in which they kicked down the doors of people's homes, took their guns, evicted people from their homes in areas which were not threatened by the floods but overall they could hide behind the fact that well we couldn't take any chances with people's lives with mass panic, hunger, flooding etc. It is also the day that America died because I have not seen widespread denouncing of what ensued in Boston at either a political level, or by the so called progressives. The progressives are (in general) nothing but a bunch of degenerate scum who hide behind soft tones, "reasoned language" and well, at least they aren't religious nuts right? The way in which people were so subservient to an invading army, who had no right, no business being there, astounds me.
Title: Re: It could be Iraq it could be Afghanistan
Post by: Aladin on April 27, 2013, 11:33:28 AM
I know, when I read History I always was astonished with the fact that people did not see things coming, while it was clear as the sun.
I though those were different times, people form those time were less educated.

But Now I am not so sure anymore.

There are a lot of sheep (there is no other way 2 describe them)... Not only in Europe and US, But also in the middle east, look at the goons destroying their own country for who?

And I know it has nothing 2 do with education.

In the  Quran God stated that such educated people are like donkeys with a lot of books on it's back. A great Analogy, for people with understanding.
Title: Re: It could be Iraq it could be Afghanistan
Post by: virtuoso on April 27, 2013, 12:01:19 PM

Aladin what we typically have are the mindless masses, we have Al Queda scum being unreleashed to terrorise, murder, destroy plunder the Syrian people whether they be jewish, muslim, christian.
We have Americans cheering on the complete erosion of their rights
The Europeans who mindlessly embraced the EU for years and years and could not see that the erosion of their sovereignty was the surrendering of everything which their ancestors supposedly died for AKA freedom.
In Libya, the Al Queda scum poured in and were bolstered by libyans (I guess muslims) who deluded themselves into thinking that they were fighting for freedom.

The day someone said it can't happen here, was the day it was already well underway.

Whites, blacks, latinos, chinese, muslims, christians, catholics, hindus, whatever, they comprise the mindless masses. I mean what were those storm troopers going to do shoot people who dared to step outside? beat them senseless, put them in an internment camp? what the fuck?

Title: Re: It could be Iraq it could be Afghanistan
Post by: Sami on April 28, 2013, 02:21:07 PM
It's bothered me too virtuoso because I've always regarded myself as a progressive and I'm realizing with every day that that neither of the "acceptable" political ideologies represent me anymore, especially because of how easy it has become for most progressives to sweep their previous beliefs under the rug just because Obama says so.

I've come to realize that supposed democracy in the west is just a corral, designed to tire us out against each other on non-issues like faggots getting married while they poison the air and water and food and hide underground while we die.