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Title: New here...just freestylin, tell me what u think
Post by: Proph aka ..::Konztrukt::.. on April 26, 2003, 12:07:33 AM
yo yo listen up this is a lesson in lyricology, i make u see the light like the doctors of optomotry, its straight psycology, u cant stop me see, after i spit my flows ur bitch be hangin offa me, im sorry g, but yo here it is, i came up in this biz and i think its of hte hizz, fo shizz, i know i altered it a bit but  im legit no bullshit i stay fit so just go and sit and watch my immaculate rap tactic slap u and smack u a bit, shit, i wish i was president so i could make the truth evident, yo, TheEvidence up in here and yall fear, cuz hes the illest mc so fear, i dont know what u do but homie step up to the plate and ill knock u out yo shoes u cant choose u just lose, and, u hatas bring somethin outta me that no one sees like mr freeze i bring ur bitch to her knees ho please, i assume u aint tried none of these cuz if u dont make me a milly ull get smacked silly its fo rilly and that was fo free, you see, i be sittin smokin trees, white chocolates my homie aint takin that from me, cuz when u step to him u step to the 9 mim, i rock the tims with the 23 inch rims on the escalade, the city throw me a parade, pull the pin from this hand grenade and slip it in your lemonade while u sittin in the shade, at your mommas back yard, cut u with a glass shard, im so fuckin hard so dont let down ur guard