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Title: Visions
Post by: Ebony Zebedee on July 21, 2017, 04:21:00 AM
I used to go to the library alot
Takin my borrowed books to read at the coffee shop
I sat on a bench under a tree
I wondered what would happen if you gave a tree ecstacy
Went back to my cabin
Layed on the top bunk
Gazed out the window at the garden and sunk
Into a mesmorizing vision so strong
I wanna test my amateurish talent of song
The trees started to sway
Hypnotic and shit
I watched two palms fronds dippin toward each other to kiss
I couldnt quite see the face of one frond
I thought it was female the other seemed strong
Just dippin
Like dancin
And dippin to kiss
Swayin in the breeze
Such a blessing
Like bliss
Just watching
Captivated by the display
Then I looked up above them and spotted a cage
It was wooden and slumped over inside was a kkk
I didnít feel fear
I just watched memsmorized
The kissin palm fronds
Caged kkk slumped over inside
Then I look to the left and I saw
Two ghost kkk
holding the end of a double handled saw
It seemed strange
They were sawing and hacking away at the tree
But they werenít making a mark
They looked see through to me
Like ghosts tryin to cut down the love
I just watched it
As if the trees were on drugs
Then I look a lil further to the left and I see
An African woman holdin the hand of her seed
He was stompin his feet up and down like a dance
I just watched them in awe
As if in a trance
I witnessed all this from 10 in the night
Right up till sunrise
From dark to daylight
Iíll never forget it
I remember it the same
As if I had that vision today