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Title: Has Anyone Read L.A. Rex?
Post by: Ebony Bree Caple on May 28, 2018, 12:16:10 AM
So basically, this white cop, William Beale, from the 77th L.A. Division, Police Force wrote a book bout gangsta rap.
He starts off with the story of young boy being abused who climbs the food chain to become a top selling rap artist fronting a record label called Lethal Injection.

I read the book back in bout 2014 and was captivated till I got to the end and checked the jacket and saw it was written by a cop.

Kinda made me question if rappers are as lethal as we all think or if, like me, everyone's just trying to avoid being a star in a torture film.

Like, would cops force rappers to perform?

Maybe white goons are writing all these debase fuckin lyrics and our favorite artists are only free when they're performing?

I hope to God almighty I'm wrong.

Anyway. Read the book if you don't believe me and Go Ask Alice.