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Title: Youtube Music Channels
Post by: LONDON!! on February 18, 2019, 08:23:07 AM
yo people, what youtube channels do you people be checking for, put man up on game, pree game, these are the one 's i be checking for

streetz_international - worldwide hip hop, dancehall/roots reggae, r&b/neo soul, grime, house, garage, reegaeton, afro beats, zed beats & other music genres

siccness radio...southern & northern underground street hip hop

thizzler...mostly northern californian underground street hip hop

thebitwest...same thing^^^


pressplay media...uk drill

linkuptv...mostly uk afro swing, uk hip hop wit some grime, reggae, uk drill, r&b, afro beats mainly from a uk perpective, but not exclusively

grm daily...same thing^^^^

akam entertainment...raw, fresh, underground dancehall reggae music straight from the streets of jamaica wit a little roots reggae certain times too

dancehall dopeboi...similar type of vibe^^^^

mixtapemadness...mostly uk drill & uk hip hop road rap

p110...mostly midlands uk based grime & other regions of uk

jdz media...same type of vibe ^^^

krown media...mostly uk drill & uk hip hop road rap from outside london though, mostly

flowtastic tv...new york drill

i'll come up wit more later
Title: Re: Youtube Music Channels
Post by: OmegaRed on April 30, 2019, 03:20:35 PM