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Title: I Don't Know
Post by: BONeZ POMeZ on December 14, 2019, 02:35:51 AM
I wonder if theyíll force me to salute their futile Fuhrer
For some absurd reason they believe white skinís purer
Apparently I'm a traitor because I'm not a hater
Devil's saying soon and I keep praying for later

Lord knows Iíve been racist
Lord knows Iím not immune
I donít know everything
Iíve been offensive too

I wonder if I should quit
Shut my mouth instead of bitch
Am I digging a shallow grave
Is there any chance of being saved

Iím not perfect
I been offensive
I wanna improve
Stop being defensive

Donít wanna make excuses
Donít wanna be useless
Donít wanna be stupid
Gotta plan for a future

Lord knows whatís gunna happen
Pretty sure Iím at risk
Lord knows I been outspoken
So sick of this shit

I know others got battles
Iím so easily rattled
I tried to do right
Some say itís not my fight

Iím confused
Should I quit
Is it rude of me to stick my neck out if Iím filled with doubt coz I got no clout and donít know how to act about this mess we all call life?