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Title: I know. I'm Sure. Nevermind
Post by: Cubic Zirconia on August 01, 2020, 04:45:06 AM
It's been a long time coming
I know you want me to smile
I know you haven't seen me in a while
I know you can't stay forever
You know I'd walk that old green mile to save you from trial
We both know what's at stake
The risk
The length they'll go to to make our lives a living breathing hell
You know I'd do it for us even though I just can't tell
I can't tell if it's you or me that really needs to be saved
I can't tell if it's you or me actin like we the ones been made
I can't tell
Don't wanna snitch so I tell you don't tell me nothin
I be feelin for ya regardless
I don't need no professions of love and stuff n I don't need you to pour out your heart and soul
I'm down babe
Till the end
That's a promise
I'll never fold
I know we fight
I know we argue
But hey
It's fun sometimes too
Just stirrin ya up to get a rise then bein the one to calm ya
I know
But I don't
And I don't wanna know
I've heard it all before
Go tell one of ya other women
I'm starting to get bored
Don't want no weddings
Sweet caresses
You know you bring me joy
I'm tellin ya babe
I'm sure this one's a boy
Let's name him Zebedee or Malik or Calil or Sadiq or Fire or Sunday
You decide
I'm sure
But nevermind
I don't know how many it is now
I can sorta remember the first
Coz mummy said I was gettin fat
You should hear these cunts when they curse
But nevermind
I seen my picture at my aunties
I was cute
Little hippy bitch
Doesn't matter
Still I bet you think I wish I was rich
But I don't wanna buy no stolen land
I don't want millions in the bank
And I sure as shit don't wanna steal someone's husband ya fuckin skank
Take that to the bank
It's fuckin rich
I just wanna help who I can
Just like you know I'm helpin you push comes to shove my man
I'm no fuckin fan
I'm no bloody Stan
I am a stand up act
Sometimes I just fall into a heap coz I face facts
It's a hard act to follow
Livin on borrowed time
Like I said
I'm sure
But nevermind