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Title: Colin Powell is a comedian
Post by: Trauma-san on September 26, 2003, 07:26:29 AM
He was on letterman last night, and they've been trying to figure out if he'll still be Bush's secretary of state if Bush wins again (well... lets be honest here, huh? WHEN Bush wins again).

Anyways, he refuses to answer stuff like that, because it's speculative.  So he always says "I serve at the pleasure of George Bush" (Saying He'll do what Bush asks him to do).

Letterman kept trying to ask him about it, look at this, these guys are comic geniuses

Letterman: "Let's assume that [Bush] wins a second term. Would you be his secretary of state? Would you like to continue or have you in fact told him you would not continue?"

Powell (smiling): "I have enjoyed my job enormously and I will serve it at the pleasure of the president How long do you want to do this?"

Letterman: "I would infer then that you will be a secretary of state if [the president] wins another term?"

Powell: "Oh, I'll be secretary of state for as long as I serve at his pleasure."
Letterman: "And you're still in his pleasure, you haven't incurred his displeasure have you?"

Powell: "Not so far today, but it's early."
Title: Re:Colin Powell is a comedian
Post by: King Tech Quadafi on September 27, 2003, 10:56:15 AM