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Title: Am I wrong for.....
Post by: MidnightPills on September 22, 2002, 08:04:05 PM
Just not wanting a war. I truely dont believe in war and yes 9/11 hit me hard as well. I remember when i was a cadet in NJROTC, we'd have to carry the american flag down the Serria ave. for the Fontana days praide. I was given the honor of doing so my sophmore year. I also was given the honor of marching through football fields and baseket ball courts. Having the Honor of marching at drill meets and wearing a Cadet Naval Uniform when it was just to hot outside or the weather was cold and damp. I have been on many military bases, having the opprotunity of meeting many honorable men and women working for our country to feed their children or following in the footsteps of the Vetrian fathers and grandfathers. Am i wrong to not want a war? I dont want to see my friends leave for afganistan like my good friend Larry who is an airborne ranger for the U.S. Army. I known him since the 7th grade and continue to pray for him daily. Mario who is a US Marine, he was my high school crush. We talked for many hours on and offline. Worked with him in my best years as a Cadet in my Unit. He is a natural born leader and commanded our Unit my senior year of high school. Steve Gil was the man who showed me what it was to be a cadet my 9th grade year. He displayed he leadership and honor for our unit by his actions. He had the ablity to show cadets like myself to march and drill with arms. If it wasnt for him, i would have never tooken the program serious. When he graduated it took him 3 attemps to get into the army do to bad knees. Finally the Marines took him as the Few and Proud. I have heard little from Gil in the last year since i have graduated from high school. But i know i can always rely on his friendship. Am i wrong not to want to see my friends go to war? I am wrong to not want to see innocent civilians die at the hands of American Soldiers? Yes, 9/11 was tragic. But losing more Americans would not make the problem better. We as americans need to learn to help one other. Politictians need to learn the value of peace. Not as a Nation, but as the world we live on.............. Am i really truly wrong for wanted peace instead of war?

this is just my thoughts about war and 9/11. Please dont not thrash my thread........
Title: Re: Am I wrong for.....
Post by: Shoe_whore on September 22, 2002, 08:11:53 PM
its all true, i agree with it all. shouldnt this be in Hall Of Mirrors?
Title: Re: Am I wrong for.....
Post by: Sikotic™ on September 22, 2002, 08:49:45 PM
Yeah I can understand why you wouldn't want it. War is horrible to be in. My great uncle was in the Korean war and he was so scared. He was trapped in a ditch and had to eat bugs and stray dogs til he was rescued. When they found him he was pale white and he is a really dark black guy. The after effects are bad too. I would never want people to have to fight in wars.
Title: Re: Am I wrong for.....
Post by: Trauma-san on September 23, 2002, 02:41:30 AM
That sucks about your uncle, man :(
Title: Re: Am I wrong for.....
Post by: King Tech Quadafi on September 23, 2002, 04:55:54 AM
Pink Towel Girl

War is horrible. As a person who's a personal witness to the effects of war, it is something that is tragic.

There are instances when a nation feels it has to defend itself
(Americans in Afghanistan, i didnt agree with it, but i understood yall reasons for going to war)

But when hawks in your govt with their interests in heart seek war with another nation that doesnt threaten it, thats wrong. Thats war mongering, all this talk about a pre emptive strike, it creates a dangerous precedent, it totally mocks the reason for international law.

Thats when war is horrible wrong.

Title: Re: Am I wrong for.....
Post by: M Dogg™ on September 23, 2002, 07:46:12 AM
I agree with you Sis. I truly don't think we need this, or any war right now. It just seems like we are war happy since 9-11. But how are we to fight a war, when we don't know the true enemy, when the enemy is not a nation, or a force. War is not the answer, and our great solders who are willing to die for our nation, should not have to. The innocent people in the Middle East should not have war in their backyards, as they did nothing to us, nor did their governments. The so-called evil government that was terriorist carrying, we kicked out already. Enough with this war, what's next, the extermination of all Middle Easterns. Maybe I should have said that and give Bush anymore ideas. Peace.
Title: Re: Am I wrong for.....
Post by: bLaDe HeLi[X] on September 23, 2002, 09:41:18 AM
No one wants war.

Title: Re: Am I wrong for.....
Post by: Kill on September 24, 2002, 01:56:18 AM
:. link=board=thehall;num=1032762074;start=0#6 date=09/23/02 at 14:41:18]No one wants war.

Bush does. Many people consider a war with Iraq a possibility to stop an insane leader (and to get a nice puppet government and oil), actually the chances of sumthing like 09/11 happenin again would surely increase. People are talkin of WWIII, I think attackin Iraq wouldn't cause a World War, but loads of terrorist attacks. Terrorists ain't educated people with differentiated views who feel like bein evil, terrorists do all that because they think it's right. And if children see their daddies gettin shot by American soldiers what are they supposed to think about Americans ? So no, nobody is wrong for not wantin war