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Title: Court: The ultimate Debate
Post by: Trauma-san on January 03, 2004, 05:46:43 PM
Man... you know... I like to see the justice system work; but I also have to give it to somebody that has enough talent to work the system and get off scott free.  I think that O.J. killed Nicole Simpson, in cold blood, but Johnny Cochrane was so good that he got O.J. off.  

It's like this; I don't believe Cochrane knew that O.J. was guilty.  I think O.J. told him he was innocent, and Cochrane's job was to prove that in court.  He did, and the reason he did was because he is the best at what he does.  I have to admire that.  

The reason I bring it up is because we're seeing a new breed of this in this Michael Jackson thing.  Mark Geragos, representing Michael, also represents Scott Peterson.  Scott's guilty as FUCK, he killed his wife and there's a shitload of evidence to prove it.  Now, I don't think Michael's guilty, but it's just amazing watching a master work.  

For instance, Michael said the guards at the jail roughed him up.  Well, the sheriff in Santa Barbara held a news conference, showing video and audio of Michael acting happy, and saying he was "wonderful" and all kinds of shit, lol.  Now, most people would have a weak defense to that; they basically proved that Michael wasn't roughed up, and that Michael either was lying or didn't know what he was talking about.  The Sheriff also said that he's going to have it investigated, and will sue michael criminally for filing a false report if the investigation finds Michael wasn't abused.  He also said Michael's statements seriously damaged his credibility.

Now.  Watch a master at work.  This is how Geragos replied.  

"We not only welcome an investigation by the Attorney General of California, but will ask that the entire case from its inception be investigated by that office. The deliberate disregard of the findings of the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services investigation -- and closure of this case as totally unfounded by that agency -- seriously hurts the credibility of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff.

I specifically sent a letter to the sheriff this morning warning him of the consequences of showing those tapes. It's not only illegal and in violation of several statutes, but it also doesn't answer the question of whether abuse occurred. Charges cannot be pressed against my client for filing a false report when no formal written report has been filed. It's a joke. In fact, it would be laughable if it wasn't so sad that Santa Barbara County's chief law enforcement officer is so lacking in his grasp of criminal law."

Basically, he fucked the entire police department up with one 30 second statement.  He shifted the attention away from focusing on how it proves Michael wasn't abused (at least when the cameras were rolling), and mentioned that it was illegal to show videotape of part of an investigation pending court.  Then, he totally destroys the Sheriff by saying, you can't sue Michael for filing a false report, buddy, because he never filed a report! Then, he clowns the sheriff and says he has no grasp of criminal law, and you're left with the feeling that the sheriff is a total idiot, for not knowing that Michael never filed a complaint.  

This guy is in a league of his own, I can't wait to see if he can get Scott Peterson off (who is obviously guilty) or what he does at Michael's trial.  Geragos claims Michael's never even going to make it to trial if he gets a chance to talk to the boy's mom and tell her the evidence they have against her.  This guy is amazing.