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Title: History Repeats Itself
Post by: Xivart on January 13, 2004, 10:09:24 AM

Plantation owners and slave traders made an immense profit off slavery by exploiting others for their own benefit. In doing so, they were able to profit to the point where they were able to gather the means needed to live a life of luxury, and in time give birth to a world power. Feeding off the racism, ignorance, and inhumanity that allowed these practices to exist, they were able to create a monopoly, just as Corporate America has done today. Yet we scold plantation owners, slave traders, and the principles they stand for in hindsight, while we applaud, envy, and support modern day plantations (corporate conglomerates), and the very same destructive principles, products, and profit margins they sustain today.

Why is this? Obviously the two are not the exact same, as plantations were clearly a more brutal form of oppression. But then again, such brute force would not be tolerated in America due to legal restraints. Have we truly progressed as a society, or has American just found a more modern way to exploit the underprivileged working class?

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Title: Re:History Repeats Itself
Post by: Trauma-san on January 13, 2004, 03:17:14 PM
Exploit? The difference is freedom.  They're free to choose not to do it.  For instance, take me.  I chose not to do it.  I'm underclass.  I would never take a job working in a cubicle where you're a number, I agree with you, it's akin to modern slavery.