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Title: PC's review of EPMD's-Strictly Business
Post by: PhantomChild on March 29, 2004, 06:47:23 PM
This is a Blueprint of what a album should sound like

1.Strictly Business-Good way to start the album

2.I'm Housing-Early Rap-House Fusion that sounds great.The reason I like this song because of this song is this line"He tried to snap the flat cable/punched him the jaw with the fackle ring

3.Let it Flow-Uses the same beat that Nastradamous uses with the Beastie Boys sample*Slow and Low*

4.You Got's to Chill-Oh boy!,what can I say this is easily the best song on the album courtesy of Zapp's More Bounce.....

5.It's My Thing-Good sample and theres a great metaphor quite near the end,In fact 2 I'f you can find them!

6.You's A Customer-Blends samples together for a another great track,the beat is the same beat is MC Eiht's This is a gang.

7.The Steve Martin-Funny song about Steve Martin's so-called dance and E-Double is showing(really telling ya'll how It's done.)I wish there was a video to this song!

8.Get Off The Bandwagon-Basicilly telling ya'll to "Get Off!"(In EPMD voices)

9.DJ K'La Boss-Great DJ mix by La Boss.

10.Jane-This is a song about E-Double telling a story about Jane,It's pretty strange and humorous!

*In all,This is what you would get in the "Golden Year"of Hip-Hop-Guns,Clever metaphors,old school soul samples,basically Geat Music!Peace ya'll!Expect more reviews in the near-future,ya hear! ;D