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Title: Project Pat - Layin Da Smackdown
Post by: DreDay on September 09, 2002, 01:12:32 PM
I know the majority of you wont be interested in this shit.  You should realize that Hypnotize Minds production can't be fucked with and the reason they aren't blowing up is cause they won't sellout with MTV friendly songs and shit.  Anyway, here's the review.  This album is definently one to check out.  Pat's in jail for a parole violation so this might be the only time you can hear some of his shit for awhile.

1.  Still Ridin Clean - (w/Juicy J)  Album starts off with a bumpin beat with Pat sangin the chorus of, /Still Ridin Clean/Makin Cheeze and Getting me Dick Sucked/.  Juicy finishes the track with some sneak dissin towards Kamikaze Inc. Some niche chantin shit at the end too (5/5)

2.  The Porch (Skit)

3.  Fight - Title says it all.  The song makes you want to fight.  Pat is solo on this one with Dj Paul providing some of the chorus.  Lots of instruments used in this.  (4.5/5)

4.   Weak Niggaz (w/ DJ Paul) -  Paul has the 1st verse on this.  Another crunk beat with "Fuck u Nigga" chanted throughout the song.  (4/5)

5.   Azz Clap (w/ Juvenile) - This is the song featuring someone outside of the HCP.  Song about ho's asses clapping.  Typical booty shackin shit.  Video was on BEt for a couple days.  (3.5/5)

6.   I Choose U - Old school smaple by Willie Hutch is used and it sounds real nice.  Relationship type song.  Worth a listen to just hear how the sample gets flipped.  (4/5)

7.   Smokin Out (w/ Lord Infamous) - Reggae type beat with Pat and Lord talkin about dem drugs.  If you haven't heard Lord, he's one of the best out of the South.  Not the best beat for him to rap over though.  Tight regardless.  (4/5)

8.   Show Dem Golds (w/ Dj paul and Juicy J)  The CEO's make an appearence on this cut and the beat is tight as usual.  Juicy talkin bout he dont like the police and the feds.  (4/5)

9.  This Pimp - All about pimpin.  Beat is kind of repetive, but Pat flows nicley over it.  (4/5)

10.  On Nigga - Pat rappin about takin a charge when he was 17 to help his partna out.  He's out of jail now and wants help gettin back on his feet.  Good chorus and concept for the song.  

11.   That Drank-  This has to be the tightest fucking song I have heard in a long time.  Talkin about that drank and dem drugs with Pat shouting out a RIP to DJ Screw at the beggining.  If you only listen to one song, make this be it.  Pat does his trademark slow flowin over a fire beat.  (5/5)  

12.  Skit

13.  Posse Song (w/HCP)  If you know anything about 3-6, you know that there posse songs are usually tight as fuck.  This one is no different with everybody in the camp laying down good verses over a simple, but tight beat.

14.  90 Days - Pat talkin about getting locked up for 90 days, but he looks at it as a fun time to just fuck around in jail.  Pretty good.  Beat is bumpin as usual.  (4/5)

15.  Shut yo Mouth Bitch (w/HCP)  Real up temp beat with the title being the main chorus.  Beat will make you want to get buck.  Lord Infamous, Pat, Juicy, Crunchy Blac, and Dj Paul all drop tight verses over a tight beat.  (4.5/5)

16.  Take Da Charge - Probably my least favorite song on the album.  Pat talkn about a girl takin the charge for him and shit.  More of an R&B feel to it.  (3.5/5)

17.  Smoke and Get High - If you haven't noticed, 3-6 likes doin these drug songs and they are all tight as fuck.  Even better if you listen to this shit high.  Amazing beat with Pat droppin some decent verses.  Cruncy Blac comes in and drops some simple, but fuckin tight ass lyrics. "All I do is smoke on bud, break a swisher down and fill it up with drugs."  Talkin bout pickin up a slut, gettin her high on weed and X and tag-teamin her.  They crazy in Memphis.  2nd best song on the album.  (5/5)

18.  County Jail - Pat talking about not wanting to go back to County Jail.  Looks like he didn't have the best of luck with that.  Decent.  (3.5/5)

19.  I'm Mo (w/ Dj Paul,Lord Infamous) - Evil beat, that bumps hard as fuck.  Callin out people who want to test them and shit.  Good shit.  (4.5/5)

Overall (4.5/5)

People always sleep on Hypnotize Minds and I guess thats fine.  They still sell well without any airplay.  The production just can't be fucked with.  No one is making beats like this today.   Next up for Hypnotize Minds is a new 3-6 album comin out in a month or two.  Should be excellent as usuall. Im out this ho!!!


Title: Re: Project Pat - Layin Da Smackdown
Post by: That_Cracka_J on September 11, 2002, 07:14:59 PM
I like Three 6 Mafia and their music, but I was really disappointed with this album lyrically AND production-wise.