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Title: Dogg Pound - 2002 (Death Row)
Post by: That_Cracka_J on June 19, 2002, 09:37:12 AM
Dogg Pound – 2002 (Death Row release)

1. Intro
2. Roll wit us…Hella tight production by Cold 187.  Tight verses by the duo and a dope hook.  4/5
3. Just doggin’…I like the original version a lot better.  The beat doesn’t fit the vibe of the song like the original version did.  Lyrics are still on point though.  3.5/5
4. Smoke…Hella tight laidback production.  Snoop Dogg and The Relativez appear on the track.  4/5
5. Gangsta rap…Head noddin’ production.  Straight west coast gangsta beat.  Lyrics match up perfectly to it.  Crooked I appears to lay down a flowin’ verse.  4.5/5
6. 10 til midnight…Beat is decent, but it’s a little too soft for the lyrics.  Verses are on point.  SKG appears on the track.  3/5
7. Living tha gangsta life…Xzibit appears on the track.  Verses are average and the production is boring.  3/5
8. Don’t stop…Good production.  Kurupt and Daz lay down tight verses and 2Pac comes in and spits a hella tight verse about Biggie and Bad Boy.  3.5/5
9. Change the game…Tight track that uses the same beat and some lyrics from Jay Z’s song.  Kurupt and Daz’s verses sound great with the production.  4/5
10.   Crip wit us…Kurupt and Daz’s vocals sound good with the production.  The beat is a little too slow though.  3.5/5
11.   What cha about…A solo Kurupt track.  His verses sound good with the production.  Weak hook though.  3.5/5
12.   Your gyrlfriend 2…The beat is too fast here.  Mac-Shawn, Soopafly, and Daz appear on the track with some decent verses, but I don’t like the production.  2/5
13.   Feels good…Decent production, but tight lyrics.  Latoya Williams provides a nice hook.  3.5/5
14.   Way too often…Soopafly and Kurupt appear together on the track.  The production is terrible and I always skip it.  1.5/5
15.   It’z all about that money…Production has an evil vibe to it.  It’s a solo Daz song and he sounds great on the track.  4/5
16.   Every single day…I love the production on this track.  It’s got a laidback feel to it, with an electric guitar in the loop.  Kurupt, Daz and Snoop trade verses well.  4.5/5


For being a “leftovers” CD, it’s a dope album.  Most tracks were leftover Death Row material and some were taken from DPG records releases.  The production varies throughout the album, being great in some parts and horrible in others.  Kurupt and Daz always come tight with their lyrics and flow, however sometimes the production doesn’t bring that out as well as it should.
Title: Re: Dogg Pound - 2002 (Death Row)
Post by: verbalassaulta on June 20, 2002, 09:34:31 AM
i agree with most...but i think smoke is a 5/5...its a really dope song
Title: Re: Dogg Pound - 2002 (Death Row)
Post by: caTASHtrophe on June 21, 2002, 11:17:31 AM
That soopafly/kurupt track "way too often"  is AMAZING

its my fav track off "Dat whoopty Whoop" and hehe fav track of this dogg pound album as well.

That beat and flow is......

Title: Re: Dogg Pound - 2002 (Death Row)
Post by: KVB on June 22, 2002, 06:55:16 AM
I purchased this album a long time ago, and must say I was quite disappointed. The only REALLY tight song on there (5/5) is "Smoke", damn that shit is dope... I didn't really feel the rest of the album, excluding some good tracks like "Change The Game remix", "Gangsta Rap" & "Don't Stop". But anyway, good review. Peace.
Title: Re: Dogg Pound - 2002 (Death Row)
Post by: verbalassaulta on July 01, 2002, 01:15:41 PM
this album is dope....a lot of people hate on it cause its death row...its still got some great tracks...like smoke wich is one of a heater.......overall...7.5/10
Title: Re: Dogg Pound - 2002 (Death Row)
Post by: budsmokeronly on July 19, 2002, 01:03:54 PM
yeah dope ass album.  Smoke, roll wit us, crip with us, don't stop, every single day, are all really dope.  Man I wish I had the og version of smoke without the relativez.