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Title: Daz Dillinger- This is the life i lead
Post by: LAZY on May 31, 2002, 07:33:30 PM
i know this isnt out yet but i got it so ill reveiw it..... i wuz at a used cd store lookin if there wuz ne good cdz and i went 2 the counter and asked the guy when daz's cd comes out and he said i got it rite here itz a promo so ill give it 2 u for $8.99 and i bought that mutha fucca real fast....... but neway the reveiw

1. Intro DPGC 4 Life

2. Drama 5/5 Tite song nice song 2 start out the cd.... daz comes tite on it

3. Aint That Somethin 4/5 pretty good track..... good production.... song features Crystal and P.F.N and there tite and im anticapatin there cd

4. Bitch Bitch Bitch Make Me Rich 4.5/5 LOL this songz pretty funny Too Shorts tite

5. Keep It Gangsta 5/5 nice laid bacc funky song... i like this song alot 2 bad itz not on the radio up here in seattle

6. I Live Every Day Like I Could Die That Day 3/5 an ok song havnt listened 2 this song that much..... dont know why

7. Load Up 4/5 good song daz iz good on this 1 but the beat gets old IMO

8. Run Tha Street 5/5 good song reminds me of the raw cd KINDA... lol

9. We Do THis Passion 5/5 i like this 1 itz pretty dope

10.Redrum Galour! 2/5 Daz doin Rock? YES daz with a litle rock beat goin on itz weird but if u like rock and daz this is 4 u i guess

11.This Is The Life I Lead 5/5 good good song iv listened 2 this song the most outta all the songz

12. Outro DPGC 4 Life 5/5 now this song lasts 11 minutes itz 3 traccks in 1 first theres an outro..... then a song with kurupt and sum1 else and a hellafid beat i love this song daz and kurupt sing in the begining.... good good song..lol ...... then the next song a laid back song with Kurupt... itz ok a little 2 slow 4 me though soundz like a slow dance song...lol

13.Keep It Gangsta (Remix) 5/5 DOPE DOPE BEAT i dont know which i like better this or the original it all depends on wut mood im in if im in a laid back mood ill listen 2 the original but this 1s good 4 parties or cruisin

total: 8

pretty good iv been waitin 4 this cd 4 a looong ass time... itz good .... itz what i expected..... i got my $$$$ worth... get this cd when it comes out
Title: Re: Daz Dillinger- This is the life i lead
Post by: BL7 on June 02, 2002, 04:20:08 AM
Tight review homie. My favorite song is ''Drama''. Can't get enough of that shit. ;D
Title: Re: Daz Dillinger- This is the life i lead
Post by: LAZY on June 15, 2002, 08:12:42 PM
yeah Dramas gotta tite beat