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Title: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilation!!
Post by: Nima - Dubcnn.com on May 09, 2002, 12:14:05 PM
Big C-Style Presents - 19th Street LBC Compilation

1. Intro - This Is Just C-Style Talkin. He Mentions Each Trackname wit a nice wordplay. Nice Intro and the beat in the background sounds tight too.   4/5

2. Bustaz - This track features Daz, Lil C-Stlye, Legacy, Tray Deee & RBX (lol in the booklet it says BRX). The beat, handled by DJ Aladdin and co-produced by Daz, is Bangin! Lil Style starts the track wit a dope verse. He flows real good and basically tells everybody where he is from, what he reps and shit.. His verse is pretty short. Then Daz comes with IMO one of his best verses. His flow is tizzight on here. "you got beef better handle it one on one/i got my gun you got yo gun and sucka dont you run/you juss a busta you musta grew up on the other side of town" i really feel daz on this track. Then comes the chorus, basically different voices sayin "Busta" and with some stratchings. Then comes Legacy (female MC). Her voice can get a bit annoyin but she flows well on here. Then comes Big Tray Deee who as usual shines. Damn he's really really awesome on this track. Daz has another short appearance in the end and after that RBX does some talkin like he often does. Overall a Bangin track and a good way to start the album.  4.75/5

3. Stay Out Of L.A. - This one is with Lil' Tip, Coco Loc, Shorty K, Crooked I and Sho Shot. The beat is provided by LT Hutton who drops some smooth laid back shit. Pretty slow track, good to chill to. Since the rappers arent really much heard of, i cant really reconginze them through there voice (except crooked i of course). Anyway, the first rapper, has a dope flow, and kicks it off real good. The chorus goes: "didididadadadiday All you player haters better stay out of LA" and fits the track pretty well. Then comes crooked i, and shines. He raps pretty fast and got some DOPE wordplay here. Wow damn this makes me think his album will be CLASSIC! He simply rips the mic! Not many people can front his delivery. Wow. After that come the other rappers, each of them real tight. Dope track.  4.5/5

4. Paper Chase - Coco loc, Lil Tip, Sho Shot, Beau Dozier, Tray Deee, Lil C Style are featured on this one. Beau Dozier himself laced a dope beat, pretty funky shit. Beau Dozier starts it off with a hot verse: How Much Money Can ONe Black Man Make/Before We Brake Start To Shake And THen Proceed To Take/Either Its Ment To Be Or Its Not/Make The Wrong Move And Get Shot/It Was Part Of The Plot. Dude got a dope flow. The Young Outlaw, Outkast, The Black Sheep Of Them All/Position To Shot Call Big Time Not Small/Kingpins Dont Fall/I Gotta Get Mine/Paper Makes The World Go Round/So When It Goes Down/Prepare For The SHowdown/It Can Get Low Down. Then Coco Loc spits his verse. He comes Hot like on track 3. Then Lil Tip takes the Mic and joins the two before and spits some fire. Now It's Lil C Styles turn and with his tight voice spits some knowledge. Woo now its Big Tracey Davis turn to rip the mic. IMO he outshines the others on this track. The beat plays then for 1min and damn its a nice beat. I aint heard nuttin of this Beau Dozier but if he lays beats like this one i for sure wanna hear more. Tight Azz Track  4.75/5

5. Interlude 1.

6. Success Before I Die - This one is performed by Legacy, Coco Loc, Lil Tip & Crooked I. Dave Knight produced this HOT beat. DAMN alot of unheard talent on this cd. DOPE AZZ BEAT with a dope melody. Coco Loc starts this track with some fire. He spits some real shit on here. Call Me The Money Maker Makin Moves Wit The Jamaicans/Juss Tryna Succeed Whenever THat Is/Since Im The Baddest The Low Lifes Gone Have Some Static. Then comes Legacy and she comes good. Altho i gotta say im not feelin her voice so much she's still aight. The chorus is sang by a female singer. Then Lil Tip comes with comes G Shit. Now its Crooked I's turn. An amazing verse and once again he is the highlight of this track. Wow. Dope shit. 4.5/5

7. Rap Killer - Lil Tip, Shorty K, Lil J, Crooked I, Tech-nique, Tray Deee & J Money all make appearances on this LT Hutton produced track. The beat is kinda dark, fittin the Killer atmosphere. The first rapper is Lil J. He sounds pretty young but he rips it. Now Can You Get Wit THis/Im On The Mash For My Chips In 96 With Lil Tip and Shorty K/Professionalists and on the cut its Lil J/Mashin On Marks Like Im Supposed To Do/So Where You Gone Hide When We Opposin You/we The Chosen Few. His verse is pretty long too. Damn he really spits some good shit. The chorus is pretty tight too. Then comes Tray Deee and his shit is hot as usual. Altho IMO Lil J was better. Now Comes Mister Crooked I. He raps real fast here and its hard to undersant what he says DAAMN he juss rips the mic to SHREDS. An awesome verse. He juss tops himself everytime. 4.75/5

8. Interlude II

continues on the next post
Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilati
Post by: Nima - Dubcnn.com on May 09, 2002, 12:14:23 PM
9. Jackin For Flows - Performed by Coco Loc, Lil Tip, Sho Shot, Lil J, MCGruff, J Money, Crooked I, Diceman. This is another LT Hutton production. The beat starts, a bangin one, and contains the sample of kurupts "the night i server two thousand mc's". Then J Money starts the track like Snoop Dogg on Vapors. Can You Feel It, Nuthin Can Save Ya, Coz THis Is The Season ON Checkin My Papers/And SInce I got Time, What Im Gone Do/Is CHase A Million WHile Im CHillin Wit My Bomb Crew. He is so tight i love his verse. Basically the track is all about jackin for flows.. They take different concepts from tracks and redo them. The Next Rapper starts with Woke Up Jumped Of Bed, Im In A Twin Size Bed Wit This Bitch Givin Head. Each rapper on this track shines. An Awesome track IMO. But damn AGAIN Crooked I, the last one outshines them all with his agressive and fast rap. One, And Here Comes The Two To The Three And Four/Im About To Fuck This Hizzo On The FLoor/Flipped It Over Doggystyle Showin THat Ass No Love/Im Pimpin This Suckaz Well/So Good That You Can Tell/That I DOnt Love A Silly Trick No Not Even A Little Bit/Playin Em Like Some Idiots/Get It?/You WAnt Me To Run Up In THis Bitch Coo Im Wit It/Let The Crooked Take You.
Tight as Fuck track.  4.75/5

10. Watchin You Watchim Me - This track features Legacy, SHorty K, Lil J & Sho SHot. The beat is another DOPE LT Huttin production. Tight Beat. Haha the first verse is tight. I Seen You Watchin Me Ho/When I Step Through The Door/Tryna Act Like You Know/The S-H-O/I KNow You 'memba How You Use To Do It Back N The Day/When I Use To Say Wassup You WOuldnt Look My Way/But ONce You Heard Me ON A Record You Break Yo Neck To Get Naked. Sho Shot got some nice shit on this one. Now Comes Legacy. Damn lol her voice is annoyin as hell on this one :/ but its all good coz she got some nice lyrics. Her verse is real short tho. Shorty K & Lil J both rip the mic. Damn these guys are so talented and so slept on. Dope track again.  4.5/5

11. Gangsta Gangsta - This one is with Legacy, Crooked I, SHo SHot, Tray Deee & J Money. The beat is a collaboration between PJ Brooks & LT Hutton. Its a peticular beat, with a dominant melody. Sho SHot starts it off wit a dope verse as usual. This is juss a Gangsta track. The chorus is pretty tight IMO. Legacy comes off alot better on this track. Altho its a short verse again. Now Crooked Intriago steps to the mic. A part of his verse is accapella and damn he's good on this one again. Now OG Tray Deee takes the microphone and spits some knowledge. He raps a lil slower on this one but his flow is bangalangin as usual. J Money is the last rapper on this track and is a bit wacker than the other ones but that is still good lol. He mixes the rappin with a lil bit of singin. The end of his verse is dope again. Damn another nice track.  4.5/5

12. Interlude III

13. Flossin - THis is the track by the Original Eastsiders group, consisting of Tray Deee, Lil C Syle & Bad Azz. Salim produced this laid back track. Tray Deee starts the track with Slowly Dippin In The 4 With This Slow Jams Loc In THe Background, As I Was Puttin My Mack Down. He does a lil storrytellin on this one. Another dope verse by Tray Deee and a good way to start this track. The chorus is performed by a female singer. Then comes Mr Bad Azz and rips the shit as usual. Goddamn this group would have been awesome. His verse is a lil shorter than tray deee's but certified dope. Lil C Style is the last one on the track and gives the track a extra touch with his laid back verse. A track where you cant find nuthin wrong. Each rapper comes tight, the beat is some relaxed shit and the chorus too.  4.75/5

14. Servin' & Swervin'. This one is again wit the 19th street crew, Legacy, Shorty K, Lil J, Crooked I & Sho Shot. A Dope LT Hutton production with a fat bassline. Legacy starts the track with an unspectacual verse. Shorty K got a tight verse after that and basically tells everybody no one got shit against Low Life. Everybody hear does a great job and damn these guys got some tight flows. Once again Crooked I is the last rapper. Who Is Crooked I? Where Is Crooked I? Mister I Don't Give A FUck Buck Die Nigga Die. ON The Radiostation/So Who's The New Sensation/It Was A Secret Like THe ? Now ITs KNown Across The Nation/Subliminal,ORiginal, Criminal, Lyrical, Here We Go, WEstcoast Material, For REall Do You Dont Hear Me THo, Serial. That remids me a lil bit of kurupt ;) .  Another bangin track.  4.5/5

15. Bounce To THis - This futuristic Dave Kinght beat is rapper over by J Money, Crooked I, Sho SHot, Bo Roc from The Dove Shack & Amber Davis. The beat is some bangin shit, somethin you would hear from Fred Wreck. I love the beat. J Money starts it off with his tight voice and lays down a dope verse. The chorus is a typcial party chorus. Bo Roc comes off next and has a dope appearance. Crooked I comes then and wit his dope delivery rips the mic. Damn i've never heard somethin wack from this guy. Damn will there ever be a Not-So-Dope track on this albumm?  4.5/5

16. I Like To Roll - Performed by Coco Loc, Shorty K, Lil J, Bad Azz, the Low Life gangstas showcast their incredible talent over another LT Hutton beat. This isnt his best beat though. The first rapper sounds a little bored at times lol but his flow saves it. Bad Azz does the chorus and its tight. Shortky K and Lil J rip the mic as usual, but they dont seem as agressive and hungry as on the other tracks. Only Coco Loc and Bad Azz can come with the usual heat and make this track a 4/5

17. Ashes To Ashes - Lil Tip, SHorty K, Lil J, Crooked I will be flowin over this DOPE LT Huttin Production. I love this beat. SHorty K starts it of with a DOPE verse and he rips the mic. He's really changed from the track before. A pretty short verse that makes you wanna hear the rest of this track. The chorus is tight to. Wooo Lil Tip comes wit a bang too and lays down a nice verse. Lil J has a Top Notch verse too! Damn they all seem so hungry on this track. Now im waitin for Crooked I! He comes with Now We Dont Give A Mad Fuck/??? on your chucks and leave yo azz stuck papaaoow institutional style one round but i warn ya i was born to put this shit down. One of my favorite tracks of the album .  4.75/5

18. One Ninein' - The last track of the album features Coco Loc, Legaxy, Lil Tip, Lil J, Shjorty K, MC Gruff, J Money, Tech-Nique, SHo SHot, Crooked & Diceman. Thats 11 persons on 6minutes hehe. Another awesome LT Hutton production. Crooked I spits the first verse and its hot as usual. Damn he spat nuthin but top notch shit on this album. Then Coco Loc, Lil Tip & SHorty K each lay down some bangin verses with fast raps and gangsta lyrics. Everybody shows their talent on this track and makes everybody want to hear more. Even Legacy has some dope shit. J Money spits some hot bars like on his other appearances. I'm feelin his voice alot. Another bangin track. Too bad its the last one.  4.75/5

Alright, this album is amazing. Its like a show of young dope az fuck talent. Unpolished raw shit. 19th street & the low life gangstaz really were incredible on this shit, helped by OGs like Tray Deee & Daz Dillinger. I cant believe people like Lil J or SHorty K or Coco Loc havent blown up they are simply incredible. They all got flows like muthafuckaz. When i think that dr dre is hypin up for some1 like Knoc TUrnal i get real mad. These guys are simply DOPE!!!!!!!!! There is NOT ONE track that i skit. They are all awesome. I didnt give no track 5/5 because if i did i mustve given 5-6 track 5/5 coz they were equally dope. THere isnt a Stand out classic on this album, because they all stand out ;D I've been bumpin this album for years and i thought if theres still some1 who hasnt heard this album, they definalty cop it NOW! I'll be doin a review of the much slept on Escape From Deathrow compilation in the nexx days too.

holla back with coments.
Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilati
Post by: Big BpG on May 09, 2002, 12:16:02 PM
I'm reading, but I'll thank you now for taking your time with this

-Big BpG
Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilati
Post by: Nima - Dubcnn.com on May 09, 2002, 12:18:09 PM
by the way this is my first real review so it might not be perfect ;)
Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilati
Post by: Doggystylin on May 09, 2002, 12:36:38 PM
yo props on the long review nima, it was worth it, and im definitley feelin this album i got it back a few years ago in LA, i couldnt find it anywhere, rare shit but dope!
Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilati
Post by: 40oz GRApHire on May 09, 2002, 11:25:26 PM

Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilati
Post by: tnp on May 10, 2002, 02:32:42 AM
Yeah that was a real good review. Obvious that some time and thought was put into it, lookin forward to the next one.

Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilati
Post by: Rud on May 11, 2002, 12:28:57 AM
Woah - Tite Review Nima - Keep Them Coming

This Is A Great Album (Thanks To tnp For The Hookup)

Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilati
Post by: lbc213 on May 11, 2002, 02:53:30 AM
Lets do a quiz :

What does Nima do when he is bored ??

=> he writes a dope ass review like this  ;D , hope u will be bored again anytime soon bro hehe.

Much props

Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilati
Post by: Nima - Dubcnn.com on May 11, 2002, 02:55:24 AM
haha thanks for the feedback ppl!! i appreciate this!
Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilati
Post by: infinite59 on May 12, 2002, 08:49:06 AM
Tight shit homie..... I just got this album a few weeks back, I was wanting to know what the hottest tracks were, I hadn't gotten around to listenin much yet....... Tight review dogg, thanks, peace.
Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilati
Post by: nain13 on May 25, 2002, 05:01:01 AM
yes yes is good  :D
Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilation!!
Post by: dexter on May 28, 2005, 10:22:07 AM
very good :o
Title: Re: Big C-Style Presents 19th Street LBC Compilation!!
Post by: Hack Wilson - real on March 03, 2013, 01:15:42 PM
great review