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Title: dj logic - the anomaly
Post by: xz on November 26, 2001, 12:49:07 PM
I first saw dj logic a few years ago with the pianist uri caine and the clarinetist don byron, both of whom were dope as fuck. I have slept on logic's stuff for a few years now, but i finally picked up his latest, the anomaly, on ropeadope records...
1. french quarter: nice jam track to start off the album. There is a nice sax line provided here with some cool organs and scratching from logic - 4/5
2. black buddah - one of my favorites on the album, with nice sax and flute coming and going throughout the track. the track speeds up and slows down to add some flavor - 5/5
3. ron's house - definitley a club joint right here. overall a nice joint but the trumpet gets a little repetitive at the end - 3.5/5
4. michelle - pretty nice joint with a flute feature and some guitar - 3.5/5
5. frequency one - damn, another nice joint with some crazy drums and superb scratching - 4/5
6. tih gnob - skit
7. bean-e-man - one of the better tracks, with a funky sax line and some electronic altering of the song near the end - 4.5/5
8. who am I? - (dj logic, bronx n.y.) - skit
9. soul-kissing - another one for the clubs, this time a violin is featured. not really feeling this track, some might though - 3/5
10. afronautical - one of the more interesting tracks on the album, definitley feelin' this one - 4/5
11. the project - this one got raps on it, pretty good track - 3.5/5
12. hip-hopera - really does sound like a mix of opera and hip hop, he actually brought in a real singer to do this one, no sample - 4/5
13. interlude
14. miles away - possibly the best joint, can't get any better than miles davis and dj logic - 5/5
15. drone - great ending to the album with some crazy sax and a dope beat... than there is this hidden rap track..5/5

overall a good album from logic, 4.5/5

this is more of an album for the clubs, his first was more of an introduction of himself and the jazz/hip hop scene in new york.