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Title: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: AlerG on July 04, 2001, 04:23:09 PM
Alright i picked this cd up in 99 and previous to that i had only heard these dudes on warren g's tracks and i thought they were tight, so i copped the album and this is what i thought.
1. Conversation #1- "it's just a lil somethin jus to let you know/that the real chronic smoke is on the go/", this is kind of like an intro and a skit at the same time, i like the way it kicks off the cd.

2. Round & Round- From the moment that this track begins it is nothing but summertime bumping in your ride material. Nothing less than a classic with a dope chorus and dope versus, doesn't get much better than this on the left coast. 5/5

3. Good Times- Oh God could you start off a cd better than with these 2 classics. This track is a reminissing track and the first time i heard it, it gave me goosebumps because i can really relate to it with one of my boys. The beat is sooo tight i can't even explain it, and the lyrics fit the beat to a gem. I even like this song better than the first track. 5/5

4. 4 Eyes 2 Heads- Well this one was produced by Priest "Soopafly" Brooks. The beat is off the meatracks and so are the lyrics. But the chorus is a real turn off but the rest of the song makes it a track you cannot skip. I just can't take the chorus. 3/5

5. Jump To This- Pure G-Funk shit right here. It really reminds me of "The Dove Shack" off of G Funk Era. The lyrics are average, and the chorus is nothing special just "who can make em jump to this". Good track though. 3.5/5

6. Eastside LB feat. Warren G- Well this is another one of those classics. I think this song is incredible before it even comes on if you've heard it already. Just looking at the back of the cd and seeing that this is the next song will have you anticipating it sooo much that ya drawls'll be wet. The chorus is all Warren G and it's sick. The lyrics are sick. This is what i call the longbeach anthem, cause that's really what it is. 5/5

7. Sorry I Kept You feat. Warren G- This shit is G-Funk like every other song on here. It isn't bad but it isn't a amazing song but it definately doesn't deserve to be skipped. I love the chorus by Warren G, he's sooo smooth. And the lyrics are on point like always by the Twinz. 3.5/5

8. Conversation #2- Just a skit, nothing worth talking about.

9. Journey Wit Me feat. Dove Shack- This shit reminds me alot of "summertime in the LBC. Great little bassline to this track with a great chorus by the shack and the lyrics are always on point. Maddd G-Funk shit again. 4/5

10. Hollywood- This one features that chick from "Super Soul Sis" i think. This is another really tight G-Funk track. The chorus is good but could get annoying but it's cool if you don't overplay it. The lyrics are good by all. I think this is definately think this is a very decent track overall. 3.5/5

11. 1st Round Draft Pick feat. Warren G- Warren does the chorus "going, going, gone/you'd better raise up cause ain't no telling when it's on". This track all together is sick. The lyrics, chorus, bassline, and beat are all tight and on point. 4/5

12. Conversation #3- Just another skit, nothing to talk about.

13. Don't Get It Twisted feat. New Birth- I think this is the worst track on the cd but it ain't that bad. Everything is tight as fuck but the chorus is shitty and just sucks, and it brings the song from a 4/5 to about a 3/5. 3/5

14. Pass It On feat. Warren G- Awesome way to finish off the album. Warren on the chorus again like the rest of his appearences on the album. Tight ass G-Funk shit right here where it all comes together and forms a real good track. 4/5

This is definately a perfect follow up to the other G-Funk release that year G Funk Era. There is nothing but G-Funk on here. 3 classic tracks elevate the album to another level and a bunch of dope tracks to keep the foundation stable. This cd is maddd underrated is basically just plain unheard of if you ask me. If it was promoted better and all 3 of the classic songs were released than i have no doubt that this cd could've gone double platinum. If you loved G Funk Era than there is no way that you should be without this cd because when i picked it up i instantly fell in love with it from the first song. This is the most bumpin yet chillen shit you can find, it's G-Funk baby. Nowadays we lack great albums like this and i think it was overlooked because of it's timing of release. Doggystyle and G Funk Era were still maddd hot and Dogg Fodd and Friday were about to drop. I would have to say that this cd can rank among those other cds i've listed, and any fan of WestCoast cannot and i can't stress enough CANNOT go without this shit, peace.
Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: Smooth on July 05, 2001, 10:46:33 PM
nice review... i agree with you totally... i have always said this cd was MAD slept on!
Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: TheMan on July 06, 2001, 04:27:43 PM
I downloaded most of those songs and I love them but how could I get the cd? I live in NY and they never have good shit like that.
Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: TheMan on July 06, 2001, 04:32:17 PM
sorry, another question. Is the Dove Shack cd any good? Is it worth getting?
Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: AlerG on July 07, 2001, 07:00:44 AM
i've never heard the dove shack cd before so can someone do a review, i've never seen it in stores
Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: Smooth on July 07, 2001, 11:28:42 AM
The Doveshack is a fucking DOPE cd... same classic west coast shit as The Twinz... you can order it off the net but it's really hard to find

Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: Mr_Loc on July 08, 2001, 01:52:39 PM
i love the twinz album, its one of my top 10 all time. trip locc and wayniac are DOPE and warren g came with some excellent g-funk beats.

that dove shack cd was nice too
Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: AlerG on July 22, 2001, 10:47:05 AM
are they ever gonna drop another album?
Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: SugeFight on October 24, 2001, 08:45:04 PM
Also-check out Foesum -its hot just like all the other G-Funk shit.
Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: IKON on October 25, 2001, 09:24:43 AM

If you liked the Twinz cd, check out these fo sure

Foesum - Perfection
Dove Shack - This is the Shack

Both of those cd's are straight out G Funk especially the Foesum cd.
Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: Now_Im_Not_Banned on October 28, 2001, 05:36:12 PM
I'll be doing a review of Dove Shack in the next 2 days...I love that shit...
Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: Nima - Dubcnn.com on October 28, 2001, 10:37:07 PM
damn nice review!
twinz, dove shack & the 5 footaz were all slept on... everybody heard warren g's reuglate but aint nobody know the twinz out there... the beats are sooo pure g-funk! i got the new dove shack too. its not quite as good as the first one but still tight!
Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: SugeFight on October 29, 2001, 06:33:24 PM
I found the Twins "Conversation" tape at a CD store for 99 cents this weekend.  Crazy, huh?
Title: Re: Twinz- Conversation
Post by: NEW_MINORITY on November 15, 2001, 03:27:47 AM
yo REAL nice review, i feel the same shit you're feeling, round and round is straight FIRE, i still bump that shit in my car