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Title: death row uncut review
Post by: life_i_lead on November 02, 2001, 11:06:59 AM
yo i know this is a west coast board so i'm sure majority or ya'll if not every single one of ya'll have seen this "UNCUT???" movie. i'm not going to hide any facts, i'm going to be unbiase and try to see this movie from the good side and the bad sides.

first of all, this movie is supposed to be "UNCUT" but for those who HAVEN'T seen the videos damn, most of the videos are FUCKING BULLSHIT. All the released videos are still censored (e.g. like "nuthing but a G thang" the snoop's chronic hat, whatever warren G is holding in his hand, bitches titties, radio version, and the list goes on with other videos) and the most fucked up thing is that they don't even finish the FUCK)ING videos!!!! its crazy, (e.g. "NY,NY" and "to live and die in LA" gets cut off during the middle and all the other videos 30 seconds to 1 minute before its finish) which is pure bullshit and i feel the reason why they HAD to cut it off is so they can focus on those 4 NO-NAMES in the car dissing the former inmates. oh well with death ho, you never know. anyways, there is some positive things to say about the videos because of the uncensored videos of "how do you want it", "because of you girl" (without kurupt's presence), "black pussy", titties and asses but no fucking like i mean FUCKING in porn movies so it ain't no fucking "XXX" , its "R" but its cool though since its very rare videos and any man (even women maybe ;D) will dig it. how do you want it is the best video imo because of the fine i mean FINE ladies in the video(porn stars), black pussy, it ain't all that, the bitches are not that tight except for that one tall chick with the big ass titties who is playing with that other chick on the pole(i think) and because of you girl is better than black pussy since there is more THICK ass bitches which I like ;D ;D. i feel that the porn videos are the highlight of the DVD. luckily there is other rare videos that would interest any death row and even other fans, there is tupac's "mini-movie" perhaps, the "made niggaz" uncensored version :D REAL TIGHT AS FUCK, it starts off by fake puffy and biggie riding around and pac and his outlawz follow them and eventually come to their "spot" and start shooting and killing puffy and biggie's "workers", bloods everywhere, kinda funny how biggie runs grabbing his twinkies ;D, all those footages are mixed in with the original single video and then it continues on with the "2 of americaz most wanted" video by showing pac's homies killing biggie and the video. also hit em up video mixed in with concert footages which was tight, natural born killaz director's cut video could've been fire but they cut it off which is whack, and the dogg pound "what would you do" is very interesting but it also cuts off at the end(funny with the bone thugs and harmony beat down though) anyways, i think thats really about it, oh yeah, there is also bonus videos but trust me, they ain't shit for example, unconditional love was straight BULLSHIT, midnight love was okay but still not that good, DAZ it might sound crazy is cartoons which is creative but not all that imo. finally the for the video rating i'm gonna give a 3.5/5 because of all the rip-off cut offs, bullshit "censored" versions, trust me the ratings could've been worse but the rare videos defiently made it up, i mean if all the videos were not cut off or uncensored like they said it was going to be, it could easily been 4.75/5 even 5/5 but oh well......oh shit i forgot some other shit on this movie, is the lil ghetto boy video which is pretty tight imo, very original, in fact....

this next part is i'm gonna talk about the concert part which first off i'm gonna start off with 4.75/5 because mannnnn those concert shit is tight than a motherfucker!!!!!!! the only reason why it ain't no 5/5 is AGAIN they don't finish the song from start to finish, anyways, they have 2pac dear mama concert at the death row mother's day(?) which is potential classic, also cali love(only his part), so many tears(at the 662 club), theyre all tight man some RARE shit, snoop and the pound at the house of blues performing ain't no fun, bomb azz pussy(THICK ASS BITCHES!!!!!), if we all fucc, theyre all tight even though they cut it off heavily, you still gonna like it cause you wouldn't even see this on TV you know....oh shit i almost forgot damn, there is also performances by lady of rage, afro puffs and dj quik dissing mc eiht in dollaz n sense which is real tight except its short and censored oh well.....

last but not least the rare and unreleased footages, yo this makes the fucking movie!!!! for real, let me start off with skits like 20 sack pyramid continuing to small dre skit with those bitches which isn't all that bad, they have that lady of rage scene with that HUGE DUDE, snoops "mini-movie" with those fine ass bitches kissing and playing with each other leading into a set-up and shooting and snoop killing these niggaz(THE BEST shit ever) which lead to head doctor video(parts of it), and other shit like pac getting mad cause he ain't getting his way at a shootout and also toss it up shootout, i mean the list goes on man so its 5/5 its a must see for any fan since its interesting and appealing

overall, i'll give about 4.25/5 i mean it ain't all bad except for the unecessary footages of dre and snoop's house directions, those 4 idiots riding in car talking bullshit, and how they manage to put up all that shit, it looks like a 2 year old did the graphical design and i really wish they didn't cut off the classic videos, and concerts otherwise this shit would've been classic fo sure  i mean for peeps who is having doubts about either buying this movie or not, i feel that the rare videos and footages is worth it, i mean if youre gonna buy it for the classic music videos ONLY, then don't buy it, cause you would be disappointed
Title: Re: death row uncut review
Post by: SugeFight on November 02, 2001, 02:42:31 PM
The deathrow video is just strange.  They spend half the time dissing dre, but at the same time he is the focus of most of the videos because dre was deathrow.  Also, the video quality was crap and its a rip off to have the majority of the videos cut off.
Title: Re: death row uncut review
Post by: life_i_lead on November 03, 2001, 06:20:28 AM


The deathrow video is just strange.  They spend half the time dissing dre, but at the same time he is the focus of most of the videos because dre was deathrow.  Also, the video quality was crap and its a rip off to have the majority of the videos cut off.

true dat homie >:(
Title: Re: death row uncut review
Post by: NEW_MINORITY on November 15, 2001, 03:20:59 AM
good review i used to own that shit but i sold it cuz of the bullshit videos