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Title: Canibus- Can-I-Bus
Post by: AlerG on September 19, 2001, 04:20:31 PM
this is the debut album of who i think is one of the lyrically illest to ever grace a microphone. when i purchased this album the second week after it came out i was basically buying it for "second round ko", and i was told that he is the next best thing...
1. Intro- Just an intro.

2. Patriots- this track is one of my favorites on the album, canibus comes correct and the dude that features on it says some pretty mean bars as well. as for the beat, i think it's tight as fuck, and the short but well-understood chorus let's the flow of the song remain even throughout, 4/5

3. Get Retarded- this song is somewhat confusing before you even turn it on because of the title. the beat to this one isn't there and canibus' tight lyrics don't seem that way because of it. if this track were an acapella than it would be on point to the fullest but the beat is bad. also, the chorus to this one is strange in a way where it might get stuck in your head and you'll be wondering why, 2.5/5

4. Niggonometry- this is a real deep song lyrics wise. there isn't anyway and emcee can get metaphorically better than this, this shit carves deep into my head and makes me think alot. the beat to this song is real good and you might notice a similarity to the intro of the song rat-a-tat-tat of the chronic. the chorus to the song unfortunately isn't as good as the lyrics and beat but it's still creative, with N-I-G-G-A pasted together nicely followed by nometry, good song, 3.5/5

5. Second Round K.O.- well if you know canibus for anything it's for this song. this is the retalliation to LL's remarks on 4,3,2,1. this song is harsh and really gets personnal talking shit about LL's family, drug habits, and past. although low blow's are thrown this track is too dope to deny. plus with Iron Mike Tyson inspiring Bis on the track it just makes it more of a war song, this is one of the illest diss tracks ever recorded, 4.5/5

6. What's Going On- now this track is another that you think could've been replaced with something better. this is a track in which people decided on what the cd was. the beat isn't very good and the chorus isn't either. but of course canibus comes on point with the lyrics, but not as heat-filled as the last song.

7. I Honor You- what a great track, awesome chorus, awesome meaningful lyrics. definately the best song on the cd where canibus gets deep talking about relationships gone bad, without saying fuck a bitch. the beat to this is tight and even tighter when the chorus kicks. great flow to this song. one of the reasons that this cd went gold, 4.5/5

8. Hype-nitis- the intro to this shit is un-needed but you'll probably get a chuckle listening to these old dudes do their thing. when the song kicks in you'll probably notice the well used sample from "the look of love". this song is dedicated to the biters. the chorus goes great with it and it's one of my favorites on the cd. it has somewhat of a "vapours" dialogue to it, 3.5/5

9. How We Roll- starts off slow but picks up. if it didn't than i would hate it. once it does pick up it sounds like a tight beat to freestyle over. canibus comes tight but there's something i don't like about this track and i can't put my finger down on it. the guy on the chorus sounds like a real bad DMX. ahh this song isn't the greatest, and the second verse canibus' voice goes higher and he almost sounds goofy but the lyrics are still tight, 3/5

10. Channel Zero- this beat is tight, the chorus is mezmorizing. oh man the lyrics in this song are fucken amazing, they just show how lyrically balanced canibus is. the bassline to this song is good too. pure canibus flow on this one. "i know it sounds wierd, all these motherfuckin answers and questions/ to the grand deception/", 4/5

11. Let's Ride- this song sounds right here like they planned on releasing as a single to bump in the ride but canibus got to ill on the lyrics and focussed to little on riding. the beat sounds like something to bump in the car in the summer. the chorus is simple and typical for a let's ride type of song. he even talks about bone and raps fast for 2 bars which is cool. "sim sima/ who's got the fire for my reefer/", 3/5

12. Buckingham Palace- strange beat and confusing sound to it which would be hard to understand to a non hip-hop head. here is another track which makes the cd look awkward and overrated. chorus is "when i say can-i you say bus" which seems out of place and could've been used in a better song. 2.5/5

13. Rip Rock- this song seems to try to touch the rock crowd but at the same time keep it real with the rap crowd. to me this song sounds very influenced by wyclef and that's the only reason why it was on this cd. but i can't knock the song cause it got me rowdy because it is raw. the guitar riff is cool and canibus is maddd hot and i think if they would've released this song as a single it might've put bis over the platinum mark because some of the rock/rap fans would've bought it. the chorus is aight. it's heat when he says this aiming at LL "i'm tired of you two-faced discjockies/ non-believers, sucking on my arch-enemies penis/", 3.5/5

this cd was stated to be overrated and did not meet expectations but i thought it was a good cd. a 5/5 lyric wise but some of the beats brought it down. two almost classic songs evened things out and made it an above average cd. if you are looking for a cd for lyrical inspiration this is where to go. overall i rate this cd, 3.5/5 or 7/10
Title: Re: Canibus- Can-I-Bus
Post by: West Coast Veteran on September 19, 2001, 08:43:50 PM
I Thought This Album Was Horrible...I Was Highly Anticipating This Joint After His Verses On The Lost Boyz' "Music Makes Me High Remix" And "Beasts From The Easts" Which Were FUCKING AMAZING! Also His Verse On "4,3,2,1" Which Was The Only Good Song On LL's Lackluster Album Phenomenon...Anyways I Really Was Disappointed With This Album...The Lyrics Were Dope As Fuck But The Production Was Worser Than The Shittiest No Limit Beat...2/5 IMO!
Title: Re: Canibus- Can-I-Bus
Post by: Smooth on October 08, 2001, 12:18:22 PM
yeah i didnt feel this cd much at all... The Patriot, Second Round K.O and Channel Zero were the only songs i felt... id give it a 3/5