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Title: Fuck my Boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post by: IKON on August 19, 2002, 03:53:41 PM
I couldn't sleep at all yesterday or this morning cause I came down with the stomach flu and high fever and diarrhea :-/  I threw up like 4 times all through the night and today. I didn't even go to school :-/, and I hate missing school and shit. Anyway Iam still sick right now and I call in to my work and leave a message that Iam hella sick and shit, all my energy has been drained and If I go I will probably not show up tomorrow cause it will get worse, I leave that message and like an hour ago he calls me up(I left him the fuckin message and I sounded hella sick on it) He says take some pepto bismol and come to work, he tells me that Iam not in high school no more and I shouldn't be playing games anymore ???

Now Iam an understanding person and all and I try to avoid getting pissed but this motherfucker says that Iam lying and he even calls my house just to see if Iam lying, fucking piece of shit motherfucker, I fuckin hate his ass cause he is a dick.

Now Iam only part time cause I go to college and Friday he asked me to come in and work 8 hours and I said yeah, first off I go in and I get no assigned help at my post and I even passed up going out with my friends and shit just to work and make a little more dough. I didnt have to work 8 hours for his sorry fuckin ass but I did (I regret it too and will never do it again) and now he tells me to get out of bed all sick take some medicine and go to work >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
His lucky I held back from cussing out his bitch ass and tomorrow he might want to talk to me but I aint holding nothing back tomorrow. I have been working at this place for like 3 years and this year I only missed twice and he is all bitching like I miss every week, for god sakes other peeps there have missed like a week and they don't get talks and accused of faking being sick, this guy barely became manager like 2 months ago and he switched and made everybodys job alot harder and now he fucking accuses me of faking illness >:
( >:( >:(

Fuckin cocksucking motherfucker, I swear if he gets me pissed tomorrow Iam bombing on his ass without no hesitation,
and by the way you would think he would give a me a little slack and shit cause I go to school and work and I even stay sometimes when I dont get everything finish, none of that shit no more he could fukin go to hell for all I care,

Its true your own people really do you more wrong than others
Title: Re: Fuck my Boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post by: S.G.V. on August 19, 2002, 03:55:49 PM
my boss is a bitch but she looks good...so i say i want to FUCK MY BOSS!!!!...but fuck her too....
Title: Re: Fuck my Boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post by: Sikotic™ on August 19, 2002, 07:12:11 PM
Don't take that shit from him, and don't get fired either lol.
Title: Re: Fuck my Boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post by: budsmokeronly on August 20, 2002, 06:22:34 AM
My advice to you is to act cool and put in your two weeks so you can use him as a good reference.  Sounds like you really don't like your job, and you have worked there for 3 years I am sure you are sick of it.  Fuck it, why let people treat you like that, fuck em.  You shouldn't live your life doing stuff you don't want to do.