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Title: J-Dee of Da Lench Mob is going wild at Ice Cube
Post by: Myrealname on October 01, 2002, 09:28:23 AM
"Dear Readers:
This is the original J-Dee speaking to ya'll from the belly of the beast. No! Not Jermaine Dupri but Big J-Dee from the Infamous group called Da Lench Mob. I agree it's been light years since I've touched basis & if it wasn't for the staff at Murder Dog Magazine I would've still been silent. Vibe didn't want to hear the truth & Source was too biased during my trial to even consider hollering at their busta ass. So thanx to Shorty from Da Lench Mob I have a platform in which to convey my story. You all may have heard of my, then well-publicized, trial in L.A Superior court in'94 & '95. But to those who haven't- cop a squat & listen to the truth of Raps first sacrificial lamb.
On June 22nd '93 I was arrested for a Murder that 90% of Los Angeles & the Rap Community know I didn't commit. There was no weapon, no fingerprints, no motive & flat out no evidence other than hearsay. I was denied the opportunity to submit my hands & clothing for gun shot residue Analysis that would have exonerated me on the spot. I was given a jury of two thirds white middle age, anti hip hop, men & women one third Asian & keep in mind this is during the O.J Simpson era in L.A & less than 24 months after the L.A riots. So ya'll - my fate was decided long before I took the stand, and before my jury of "my" peers was sworn in 6 of 8 witnesses for the prosecution were impeached. The victim's family & friends told me via my girlfriend, that if I don't snitch on the real killers they're going to say I did it. These folks knew from the outset that I was innocent but since I refused to rat I was lied on & made the scapegoat. 8 witnesses & 8 different testimonies. The haters said," that we know J-Dee didn't kill our homie but we don't the dude who did, so if he don't tell, we are" that's not justice ya'll! That's wrong! Some might say why don't Ice Cube help him out & with all the Hollywood power he could see J-Dee free: well as the old saying goes 'you never know who your true friends are until you fall on hard times: so now I am seeking some love from the Hip Hop nation & the concerned fans of " Da Mob." I'm looking for law students who attend Berkley, USC, Stanford, Georgetown, No-western, respectively. I'm seeking legal assistance and investigative services so that I could retain my freedom. I am sincerely reaching out to all concerned Hip Hop heads to donate any dollar amount they are able & willing to donate. From 1$ to 10$ is all I'm asking for. If 20 thousand Hip Hop heads donate one dollar I can retain the services of a real appellate attorney & begin my quest for freedom. If you are interested in the truth & have the ability to have an open minded discussion feel free to write to me. I will answer all letters personally & any new developments will be posted on the web page. Be on the lookout for the "free J-Dee" compilation executively produced by Blk-Easy of my new group " Parolee Squad" on Hoodfellas Records. Also my new CD "Lost in the system again" and the bomb single "J-Dee's Revenge pt 1. Well ya'll I'm outro for now so I hope to here from my real folks, Our real folks & all these real lovers of Hip Hop music. Peace! Keep it movin forward at all times. Thank you & bless you all.
Firm Embrace,
J-Dee of Da Lench Mob/ Parolee Squad

Da Sean "JDee" Cooper #J52728
C6- 110 Low/ P.O BOX 5246
Corcoran, Ca 93212
Q: How did hook up with Ice Cube? A: I met Cube in '86 after N.W.A put out the Boyz in the Hood single. We were not close at first because of a comment made about "J-Dee" being caught trying to steal an alpine car stereo. I was not that J.D & I was going to whoop his ass for talking about me. He said it wasn't me and he ended up giving me a bunch of tickets to N.W.A show in Anaheim, ca. in '89- '90 I hooked up with him at the warehouse record store & he was solo then. He offered me a position in a new group called Da Lench Mob & flew me, T-Bone & Sir Jinx to NYC to do Amerikkkas Most Wanted. The rest as they say is history.

Q: Who was your inspiration? A: I was inspired by a number of Artist of the old skool cats like Grad Master Caz, Ice T, Just Ice, KRS1, The D.O.C, Dre the Doctor, Rakim, Dana Dane, Mixx Master Spade, King T, Ice Cube, but I would have never fucked with Rap music if it wasn't for Joey Simmons, Darryl Mc Daniels & Jam Master Jay. They get the award for givin' me the most inspiration in the Rap game.

Q: How long have you been locked down? A: I was locked up on June 22, 1993 at 12 Noon. I was questioned about a murder that took place at a party I performed at & the victim was a friend of my ex-girlfriends brother. I was found guilty with no evidence, no motive, two eyewitnesses who were impeached during trial, was refused a chance to take a polygraph test and wasn't offered the opportunity to submit my hand & clothing to test for (GSR) Gun Shot Residue. I wasn't on trial Hip Hop, Rap Artist & the lyrics of Da Lench Mob were put on trial. I was givin a jury with 2/3 White Middle Age Men & Women & 1/3 Asian. Keep in mind this was during the O.J Simpson era in L.A & less than 24 months after the uprising in South Central L.A. My fate was decided before any juror was sworn in - where is the cast of "CSI" when you need them Ha! Ha! Ha!

Q: When are you getting out? A: I am presently in the 9th circuit court of appeals in the State of California. I have been seeking Assistance so that I can prevail & return to my family & my music. I am serving A 25 yrs to life sentence & my most eligible release date is Oct. 10, 2013. This is the length of time that remains to be serves if I don't obtain an Attorney to fight the injustice that I have been a victim of for the better part of a decade. If the loyal fans & concerned citizen of this Hip Hop Nation would just donate, anywhere from 1- 10$ to the "free J-Dee" defense fund I could hire a Quality Appellate Defense Team and obtain my liberty.

Q: Are you working on any new material and has your style and lyrical content/ subject matter changed over the years? A Of course I've kept the game mov'in & the wheels rollin. To date I've written over 320 songs & I have 6 full C.D's full of music hooks included. Also my flow has changed- my delivery is sharper and I even created a west coast bounce flavor. I've changed subject matter & content because Hip Hop has evolved on every level. It was either change or be left behind & the attention span of heads today is really short so I'm on some next level of the game shit.

Q: Do you still hear from Da Lench Mob members and is Ice Cube looking out for you? A: I've heard from quite a few comrades in the Mob but the one cat who's been Instrumental in my struggle is Shorty. He has given me avenues & a platform to express my situation to the masses. On the other hand- Ice Cube has been absent thru this entire ride. He went Hollywood & forgot about the loyalty I extended to him he's a straight busta & a coward, I owe him a proper bet down on sight. I'm innocent of this crime & he offered me a large sum of money to snitch on the person who actually committed the crime just so he could keep a real motha fucka on his street team. Now he's paying O.G's from my neighborhood to protect him because he know that Brotha's in the streets want to knock his ass down- Cube is a FAKE GANGSTA!

Q: Do you plan to do any literary work, books, auto bio's etc., that deals with your imprisonment & your journey through the Rap game? A: I'm currently writing an Auto Biography titled " From The Inside Lookin' Out". It covers my life from being raised up in Compton, Watts & South Central to my World Touring & Subsequent false imprisonment.

Also Shorty of Da Lench Mob had something to say:

That story became Cube’s graphic gang laced track “My Summer Vacation” on his Death Certificate LP. Shorty didn’t have a problem with how Cube got his info at the time, but now reconsiders, “I’m not tripping on that shit. But I wish I would have man [laughs]. You know. I would have cashed in on it…then I started really looking to the other stuff and like damn. We’re hustling, [he’s] taking shit and writing, putting our story on paper and capitalizing on it man. But that’s just how he was. None of the things that he ever kicked as far as in the street, the ghetto stuff, he never did none of that man. None of that.”

(from dpgrecordz board)
Title: Re: J-Dee of Da Lench Mob is going wild at Ice Cub
Post by: Funkadelic on October 01, 2002, 11:05:41 AM
Thanks for that info...

I've that Shorty album og. We talked about that here in the forum a while ago. He's also dissing Cube.
Title: Re: J-Dee of Da Lench Mob is going wild at Ice Cub
Post by: Nima - Dubcnn.com on October 01, 2002, 11:10:05 AM
thx for the info interestenig
Title: Re: J-Dee of Da Lench Mob is going wild at Ice Cub
Post by: The Watcher on October 01, 2002, 03:18:17 PM
cube wont help him out?

fuck that
Title: Re: J-Dee of Da Lench Mob is going wild at Ice Cub
Post by: Gangsta_T on October 01, 2002, 07:39:40 PM
thanx fo info
Title: Re: J-Dee of Da Lench Mob is going wild at Ice Cub
Post by: Jome on October 01, 2002, 07:51:41 PM
He seems like a bitter dude though..
Title: Re: J-Dee of Da Lench Mob is going wild at Ice Cub
Post by: Hatesrats™ on October 01, 2002, 07:55:52 PM

Word thanx for the read...
It's good to hear some ish from J-Dee, I've been wondering what the deal was wit' him. besides being locked up that's all I truley knew.
Cube is wrong turinghis back on his homies who helped him get to the top, J-Dee was there since the jump....danm!!!
But game will reconise game and payback's are due.

I wish J-Dee all the best.
Hatesrats 2002

I'ma drop a "Jefferson" in homies inbox fo sho'...
Title: Re: J-Dee of Da Lench Mob is going wild at Ice Cub
Post by: Hatesrats™ on October 01, 2002, 07:59:56 PM
He seems like a bitter dude though..

This dude has all the right's to be homie....
In other situation's If Cube wasn't the hip-hopper but just O'shea the outcome would be very different.....

Hatesrats 2oo2