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Title: CREDITS: Rappin' 4-Tay - 4 Tha Hard Way
Post by: Cno Evil on December 09, 2004, 10:48:26 PM

01: Playaz Dedication
Produced by Les G

02: One Nite
Produced by G Man Stan

03: Beats for Sale (skit)

04: What's Wrong wit the Game (f/ E-40)
Produced by Studio Ton

05: Money Makes the Man (f/ J.Mess & Sauce)
Produced by Mike City

06: Where You Playin' At
Produced by Ant Banks

07: Cold Blooded (f/ Rick James)
Produced by Rick James, Daniel LeMelle

08: Just Came Up (skit)

09: Back at Cha
Produced by Ant Banks

10: Playa 4 Life (f/ Master P)
Produced by K Lou, Lettrell Evan

11: What Fo'
Produced by Alonzo Jackson

12: Ain't Nobody Coachin' (f/ Franky J)
Produced by Mike City

13: Brin' the Beat Back (f/ Lil' Fly)
Produced by Premiere Music

14: Lay Ya Gunz Down
Produced by G Man Stan

15: The Biggie (skit)

16: The Biggie (f/ Screwface)
Produced by C-Funk

17: Shake It (f/ the Conscious Daughters)
Produced by Al Eaton

18: The Element of Surprise (f/ San Quin, Messy Marv)
Produced by C-Funk

19: Thinking About You (f/ C.D.)
Produced by G Man Stan

20: 4-Tha Hard Way
Produced by Premiere Music