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Title: DVD burner help
Post by: Sir Petey on January 16, 2005, 09:07:52 AM
I wish that when I purchased my computer I wouldnt have been so damn cheap and paid the extra couple hundred and got a dvd burner...but I didnt and now Its a necessity because I wanna use it to back up my files and I want one so I can take video from the net and watch it on my TV...but I really dont know shit about dvd burners ...I have a few questions...
whats a dual layer burner and do they use special discs?
and do I need a special program to burn discs that my dvd PLAYER will be able to play on my TV?
I really dont have the know how or the patience to install a dvd burner IN my computer so will an external one meet my needs?
is there any thing else I should know before I make my purchase?
thanks alot yall I really appreatiate yall taking the time to help me deal with my computer issues

good lookin out
Title: Re: DVD burner help
Post by: lbc213 on January 16, 2005, 01:03:41 PM
U can find all the answers @ www.vcdhelp.com