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Title: smack and da beanstalk
Post by: oglocdogg on March 07, 2005, 01:36:28 PM
i need cash fast gotta get off me ass gotta make dis dough before the pigs blast
an yer i tick dope to the local folk an i dont get the cream cus everybody broke
but im still watchin tv in need of some poke chris rock on the stage tellin a joke
and i aint gonna kill cuz i aint no loc but i cant make munny off sellin me smoke.
so i get some smack and sell it to da fiends and dis one junkie offers me a bag of beans
 i take dat shit and drive off in me whip da smack ed tryna claim dees beans is magic
an i take dem home throw dem in da ground put soil on da top and then water them down
gets in da house cuz me bitch gives head den i cum on her face and den get off to bed.
wakes up in the mornin gives a stretch and yawnin looks out the window theres a beanstalk soaring
over da trees and over me house next to di fing i feel like a mouse
so i hack at this shit wiv an axe in my grip and this giant luks down and hes startin to trip so i luk
back up and i flip im da bird and this nigga still staring and he dont say a word so i swing my axe at the stalk and it hacks then this ugly ass giant starts spittin some tracks dissin infact with the lyrics intact i never thought id hear nigga like dat rip me on wax

just some shit