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Title: The Anniversery
Post by: 10dency on April 21, 2005, 12:27:24 AM
this is funny!!!

i got zero love for fakes,much less respect!/
were u abused as a child?,i suspect neglect/
faggot..u aint runnin shit,u aint puttin in work like deep poets/
u aint gangsta,u aint hard ... pussy the streets know it/
got ya nas picture up,his power ur tryin to harnest/
10 years from now you still be this sites main supplier of garbage/
u been hated by men out in-/..the streets,while you stay in them big houses/
talkin bout livin the street life,but u find time to be graduatin to ten thousand/posts)
Please!!!...i came back to dubcc,nobody yets fillin these shoes/
youve written tons more shit than me but im STILL ILLER THAN YOU!!/
check it ....u wanna meet me? step wit any- kinna weapon/
any emcee who say im too plain...i go nine eleven/
it was over back then ,this is your anni-versery/
since the first time you -alerted me/screamin 10dency!!!!...come and murder me!!!/

i aint back lookin for beef ...just amazed me that alot of yall like this dude i felt that needed to be said

Title: Re: The Anniversery
Post by: Arkexodus on April 21, 2005, 01:13:56 AM
 shit's saddening-
the fire you keep fanning/
is made up im stuck how does bez suck this badly/
we rip you glad-ly best recognize where you stand-ing/
TNR monopolize this game like milton bradley/
quit playin pally-
you trashed us? make corrections/
the texts split ya chest through ya best virus protection/
Norton and McAfee-
sittin at home with huge erections
jack in our style mad-cos-we
kicked ya ass on yo ground
shyt that you gained gradually
 b e z-
i'll tell you again
you need a keyboard up yo ass to shit on X n 10/
we all up in ya head bitch you count the days/ (6 months wtf)
our ways unphased ya 16 remain the same/ (garbage bar spittin faggot)
gettin your ass reemed is ya claim to fame/
tryin to mail order some talent just in case we face/ (fuckin cunt)
yousa shame post in chains n chains/
I post one n you cant even face-my-name/
I'll put it plain-
you the lamest-brain/
so post up on this site while we change-the-game/

I'm not mad I hope I didnt sound mad lmfao
Title: Re: The Anniversery
Post by: 10dency on April 23, 2005, 01:30:35 PM
Title: Re: The Anniversery
Post by: I'm A Hustler on April 23, 2005, 08:40:37 PM
@ 10dency: That was hot as fuck homie. You fucks with audio?
Title: Re: The Anniversery
Post by: DiSSENT on April 28, 2005, 03:10:38 PM
[size=08pt]Both verses were pretty sick, but I think 10Dency's was purely full of k.o. punches. Good shit to both, props. Peace*[/size]
Title: Re: The Anniversery
Post by: authentic on April 29, 2005, 10:42:54 PM