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Colorblind Cutthroats (http://www.boltaction.net/colorblind.htm)   

Colorblind Cutthroats - Saturday Night.mp3 (http://www.boltaction.net/Audio/05-AudioTrack%2005.mp3)

Colorblind Cutthroats - Ties We Keep.mp3 (http://www.boltaction.net/Audio/03-AudioTrack%2003.mp3)

Colorblind Cutthroats - One Blood.mp3 (http://www.boltaction.net/Audio/04-AudioTrack%2004.mp3) 



Originally Posted by Byzantium Knight
There is a bunch of SKINHEAD RAP from Florida , but its played by Anti-WP Trad skins (apparentley they dont like to be labeled as SHARPS ) anyway some skinhead rap would be THE BULLY BOYS from florida NOT THE TEXANS ! Most of the SKIN RAP is from Florida

Found this on florida skinhead rap.
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Hello, me brothers and sisters...
What's up people? This is #1 DIABLO from South Florida. Just having graduated up to a computer from an abbacus, I stumbled on to this thread. To all the people that have been showing respect to my shit, peace. To all those who are in a state of disgust at the concept of "Skinhead Rap", allow me to impress some knowledge upon you. First of all, we've never called it that. In recent times I've dubbed what me and my people do Oi! hip-hop. From a musical standpoint it's a cross between hip-hop, Oi!, and hardcore. I don't want to wear you all out with my first post, so I'll keep it brief.
I'm a veteran of the Lauderdale/Tri-County Skinhead scene going back to 1987. Skinnner T goes back years before me. He used to be in a dj crew called Jam Pony Express. That name has so much respect in South Florida it aint even funny. It's an all-black dj crew from Ft.Lauderdale that originated the "mean-time" style of djing which just started appearing in the last few years out of Florida. In 1990-91 we started the Bully Crew which was and still is the original Skinhead "rap" group. We have a whole gang of Skinhead MC's down here in Ft.Lauderdale. We have a lot of tracks we've been doing since then and up til today. We've been on a lot of rap/hip-hop comps and mixtapes. The biggest thing we ever did was in like '96 we did a track with Obituary called "Bullituary"."

"How to find Skinhead hip-hop
Next to impossible... I remember back in like '93 Skinner was having like a vision about us being these obscure older guys that make all this amazing music for ourselves and don't even care about being famous... Well that was a funny vision IN 1993 WHEN EVERYONE ASSUMED WE WOULD BE ON MTV WHITHIN 6 MONTHS! The truth is that we have been plagued by infighting, prison sentences, and general unorganization. We have so much shit to say, sooo many songs, so much talent but people are definitely scared of us the majority of the time. As a result it seems like nobody wants to do business with us. We came out in '92 on a comp called "Miami bass and hip-hop vol 3". We did two songs for that. It was "Triptime" a straight hip-hop track about tripping on acid and general G-Skin hooliganism. Also we contributed a track which ended up being pretty well known entitled "Cantbehavinat", which has the Simaryp 'I want alll you Skinheads to get up...', The beat contains elements from EPMD, Cro-Mags, and Black Sabbath and features Skinner T, Diablo, and T-Black. The Obituary song is on their last studio record "Back from the dead". Imagine trying to pitch a Skinhead group to a hip-hop label! Yet still, everyone that encountered us ended up understanding that anti-racist Skins exist. (cont.)"

"Anyway, I'll be on this site from now on so eveyone who is curious about Oi! hip-hop and Skinhead rap will get heir hands on it. The real topic here is the South Florida Skinhead scene of which we are only representatives. For those of you who've never heard of Colorblind or South Florida Skins, check Colorblindcrew.com. That site is run by some of our West Palm Beach boys. Back to the music, we have no record deal between any of us and at least 50 good quality tracks. I've been giving out demos forever and everyone says its tight or whatever, but I aint on Mtv yet. This shit aint no fuckin gimmick. A decade before anybody in the hardcore scene thought about rapping we were already playing shows. We rap about being a Boot Boy, but we transcend any labels. On a lyrical level we are unmatched. Our shit is as complex as Wu-Tang with that Last Resort type of mentality. Line for line you could easily pit anyone of us against Rza, Sticky Fingaz, Keith Murray, Eminem, Redman, Last Emperor, Kool Keith, ect.
To actually get our music, well, it depends what you want to get. Here is a list of some of our groups and contacts; (cont.)"

"1. Bully Crew(original Skinhead hip-hop group. Straight hip-hop with some tracks having Oi!, hardcore, punk samples. status- inactive) 2. Colorblind Cutthroats (first true Oi! hip-hop. Live guitars and bass over digital tracks. Some songs sound more Beastie-ish, some sound like straight Oi, some defy category. status-active. manager T-May 954-818-2937. will play in Magic Fest '04 in West Palm wit Blood4Blood+Youth of today, and June 23 in Miami with 25-ta-life) 3. Big Chief Skin T (the first Skinhead MC. Pure hardcore hip-hop in the vein of EPMD, Krs One, GZA. Not too much crossover with oi/hardcore, just the best MC you've probably ever heard. About the most profound hip-hop ever. Eminem wouldn't even want to delve into this realm. The thing is that the man is an unpredictable type of guy who used to do shit like punch people who walked up and complimented our shows! As a result of his manner of unprovoked violence against club-owners, staff, civilians, other Skins, ect., Bully Crew basically couldn't get a gig anymore. status-activated, manager T-May 954-818-2937) 4. T-Black (4th member of Bully Crew. vicous lyrics and delivery over Prodigy type beats. status-active manager T-May 954-818-2937) 5. Tito Malone (5th member of Bully Crew. straight Spanish ganksta Skin shit. like old Scarface. status-MIA) (cont)"



http://www.skinheadrob.com/ http://www.djpaulwall.com/  http://www.thetransplants.com

INTERVIEW: Rob Aston (Skinhead Rob) , you know, that kid who plays with Tim Armstrong and that kid from blink-182

Every real punk knows that nothing screams anarchy like a back beat and a bit of barroom piano. OK – so maybe it’s not the most traditional stuff, but The Transplants are definitely a punk rock band. They’ve stripped pretensions out of the genre, opting instead for a quick and dirty sound, unburdened by pop sensibilities. The band’s singer, Rob Aston, is more likely to be listening to the new Snoop Doggy Dogg record than thumbing through last month’s issue of Maximum Rock and Roll. But don’t be too quick to question this guy’s credibility. He’s got some big punks backing him up.

Punk rock’s patron saint Tim Armstrong, famed for his presence in contemporary punk act Rancid and his role in the infamous Operation Ivy, grabbed this former roadie up to work the mic for the Transplants in late 1999. Blink-182’s drummer Travis Barker was also persuaded to come along for the ride. Starting with a few beats in the studio, Armstrong and Aston built the band’s self-titled debut, adding Barkers hammering rhythmic touches in one five-hour recording session.

Aston, a former roadie for AFI and Rancid, makes his musical debut on the record. Aston is nothing special – he’s just a kid with a decent voice that’s gotten really lucky. He’s a former skinhead kid, of the non-racist variety, who has a love for street punk, affectionately referred to as oi!, and a streetwise attitude.

If you’re a Mariah Carey fan you might not care, but if you know anything about punk rock you’ve got to raise a fist for this guy. He’s a working class kid with no aspirations, and as he himself stated in a recent Hatchet interview, he’s living in a punk rock wonderland.

Hatchet: You were never in a band before The Transplants?

Rob Aston: No, this was my first one.

H: What made you think you could be a singer then?

RA: I didn’t think I could. Tim (Armstrong) thought I could. I never had any aspirations of doing it or nothing.

H: I’ll bet that scared the shit out of you.

RA: He’s kind of “the shit.” But I wasn’t gonna fuck up that opportunity. So, I did my best and he liked it and then we just kept working and decided to put a record out.

H: I heard Tim gave you a nickname, “S. R.”

RA: Yeah, that’s for skinhead Rob.

H: How’d you pick that out?

RA: I just shave my head all the time. I was a skinhead in high school. Not like a white power skin, nothing like that.

H: I definitely see a street element in the lyrics. I figured maybe that was where some of it was coming from. There is a very oi! element to some of the lyrics.

RA: Yeah, when I got into punk it was mainly oi! that I listened to.

H: Really, who were you in to?

RA: Like, the 4-skins, Cock Sparrer, The Last Resort. Then all the bands you’re not supposed to listen to because of all the politics and everything.

H: What bands weren’t you supposed to listen to?

RA: You know, like Condemned ‘84, Brutal Attack, that stuff.

H: No Skrewdriver?

RA: I mean, I listened to Screwdriver. I don’t agree with the lyrical content but you can’t argue with it musically.

H: Some people are big fans of the early stuff.

RA: Yeah. I mean I don’t give a shit. I’m not a Nazi, I’m not a communist. If I hear a good song, I’m gonna like it, not matter what the content.

H: A lot of pop-punk bands have been doing trivial girl-driven lyrics. This record is obviously not that.

RA: Yeah, I don’t write about chicks. Whatever. They’re there, but I’m not gonna write a love song.

H: But that kind of lyrical content is kind of what the big explosion is right now, so what I’m wondering is how well your sound will be embraced?

RA: I don’t know. When we started we were like ‘…who cares if no one likes it.’ I would write crazy shit and Tim would love it. He’d be like ‘Just say it …Who cares, it’s a fucking song, and it’s my fucking life. I’m not telling people to do what I do. Everyone’s got an opinion about shit. People should just keep their opinions to themselves.

H: I’ve heard that you’re a big hip-hop fan. How did you merge hip-hop and punk?

RA: We didn’t really have a plan like ‘we’re gonna incorporate hip-hop and punk and this that and the other thing.’ However, we felt that day, was how the song came out. We didn’t have some master plan. We just work off each other. Tim listens to a lot of hip-hop too. A lot of people don’t know that. Travis is the same.

H: Is it tough having to work around the other guys’ schedules? I mean they’re obviously pretty busy.

RA: It gets kind of frustrating. But we all knew the deal going into it. We all know that everyone has other bands. I can’t sit and dwell on it.

H: Do you feel overshadowed by the other guys? My fear would be that people wouldn’t notice my contribution.

RA: Tim is known for Rancid, Travis is known for Blink and Boxcar. That’s just part of it. They’re obviously gonna get attention, and that’s fine. It’s nice for random people to come up and say ‘I really liked your record.’ But I don’t give a shit if we’re walking down the street and someone recognizes one of them and not me. It’s kind of better that way.

INFO (http://www.gwhatchet.com/media/paper332/news/2002/12/05/Arts/Interview.Rob.Aston.You.Know.That.Kid.Who.Plays.With.Tim.Armstrong.And.That.Kid-337540.shtml?norewrite&sourcedomain=www.gwhatchet.com)

Title: Re: SKINHEAD RAP ? Oi ! HIP HOP ?
Post by: 'EclipZe on October 11, 2005, 11:47:57 AM
erm lol ? :D
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Post by: Turf Hitta on October 13, 2005, 11:58:03 AM
This is confusing. Can somebody explain this shit?
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Post by: BacktoWacko on October 13, 2005, 01:11:54 PM
This is confusing. Can somebody explain this shit?

not all skinheads are racists maybe... but im not planning to read the text and so on is too long and not 2 intresting
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Post by: Sikotic™ on October 13, 2005, 07:29:16 PM
All their logos seem anti KKK/Nazi. I gotta listen to their shit and judge
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Post by: big mat on October 13, 2005, 07:53:59 PM
anti-racist skin heads? why just be anti racist and not dress and get a hair cut like those fukin skin heads?
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Post by: jimmy69 on October 17, 2005, 01:39:04 AM
anti-racist skin heads? why just be anti racist and not dress and get a hair cut like those fukin skin heads?

SKIN HISTORY (http://www.io.com/~qsb/words/faq/skin.html)

Real Skinheads = anti-racist

Boneheads = rasict , Nazi , KKK

Skinhead culture emerged by 1969 in Britain out of the styles of white mod and black Jamaican rudeboy gangs and as a reaction against hippy values. It was a world of scooter rallies, ska and skinhead reggae, and football matches where there was more action among the spectators than on the field. Some did target South Asians and gays for violence, though apparently not to any greater degree than other kids of the time.

A second wave of skinheads in the late seventies and early eighties came out of the punk scene, although ska retained its skinhead fans. A second wave of ska mixed ska rhythmes with punk organization of the scene and yielded such bands as Madness, Selecter, and The Specials. Streetpunk bands with a skinhead following were labelled Oi by a music writer Gary Bushell, from a Cockney exclamation abundantly used in the songs of the Cockney Rejects, one of the first and best of the bands. According to the record sleeves, oi was a working class reaction against the art students who had overrun the punk scene. Some of the other oi! bands of the time were The Oppressed, The Business, Sham69, Cock Sparrer, Blitz, Last Resort, Condemned84 and Combat84.

Skins were a part of the punk scene in the US at least by the mid-80s. American skin culture came into its own and developed distinct styles around such New York Hardcore (NYHC) bands as Warzone and Agnostic Front, American Oi! bands like Anti-Heros, Iron Cross, Stormwatch, Templars, Dropkick Murphys, Niblick Henbane, and Patriot, and third wave ska catalyzed by MoonSka records in NYC such as Toasters, Pietasters. The Skoidats and Inspecter7 crossed the two.

The association of skins with fascism that shapes how skins are talked about in tabloids and talk shows may be greatly exaggerated but has some historical basis: the British fascist parties recruited aggressively among football hooligans - many of whom were skins - with the help of one of the most popular and charismatic oi bands, Skrewdriver. White nationalist groups, particularly White Aryan Resistance, tried the same in the US, and did have some success in recruiting among North American skinheads, and many of their followers shaved their heads in imitation of skinhead style.

A lot of skinheads fought back against the far right. In the late 80s and early 90s, SHARP (SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice) and then redskin crews such as RASH (Red and Anarchist SkinHeads) formed which fought off the Nazis, and claimed a distinction between 'traditional skinheads' who were nonracist (though no less homophobic than other youth), and Nazi 'boneheads'.

The violence among skinhead factions - some political and some just gangs chasing the adrenalin rush - resulted in clubs refusing to book skinhead bands, so the settings where skinhead culture could be enacted became sparse. But the image of the Nazi skinhead has captured the public imagination, and talk shows are especially eager to put them on display. They have not shown as much interest in the anti-racist skins who are very likely the majority of skinheads today. Nothing can be assumed of any skinhead's politics although the patches on his flight might give some big clues. Contrary to common belief, lace colors do not mean anything in most areas.

Forget everything you have ever heard about skinheads. Skins know who we are and recognize each other, but there is not much agreement as to what exactly separates skin from nonskin. For a lot of us, beer and brotherhood, oi and ska, defending the working class, and standing by your mates are a big part of it. Well, you can't automatically assume a taste for large quantities of beer: there is a growing number of straight-edge skins who avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs. For most of us, racial politics are NOT a part of it, and not all of us think you have to be straight to be skin.

There have been gay skins for as long as there have been skinheads, though an amazing number of Skins like to think that all skinheads are straight and always have been.

Gay skinheads in Europe, especially London, have created a lively culture of their own; though they are primarily sadomasochists who took on a skinhead identity as a replacement for the biker and lumberjack styles of the leathermen.

In America, gay skins are few but are very much part of the regular skin scene, and keep their distance from the disco-based, fashion-oriented gay culture. American skins can safely assume a lot about each others' favorite music but nothing about their sexuality while generally speaking the European gay skinheads make assumptions about a guy's sexual tastes if he appears to be a skinhead but none at all about their music.

Why should you care who we fuck as long as we are not fucking you?

For more about skins:

Spirit of '69: A Skinhead Bible
George Marshall
Scotland: S.T. Publishing 1991

Skinhead Nation
George Marshall
Scotland: S.T. Publishing 1997

Nick Knight
London: Omnibus Press 1982

Gay Skins: Class, Masulinity and Queer Appropriation
Murray Healy
London: Cassell 1996

AK Press
(Stewart Home)
22 Lutton Place
EH89PE, Scotland, UK

ST Publishing
(Spirit of 69: Skinhead Bible)
P.O box 12
Dunoon Argyll
PA 23 7BQ
Scotland U.K

Title: Re: SKINHEAD RAP ? Oi ! HIP HOP ?
Post by: Diabolical on October 17, 2005, 10:39:26 AM
Title: Re: SKINHEAD RAP ? Oi ! HIP HOP ?
Post by: MANBEARPIG. on October 17, 2005, 12:42:09 PM
the correct term for a non racist skinhead is a


Skin Head Against Racial Prejudice
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Post by: jimmy69 on November 29, 2005, 08:55:17 AM


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Post by: 7even on November 29, 2005, 08:58:52 AM
You think bald white dude = racist? You're really stupid if so. Skinheads are punks. Can be racist ones, don't have to. And yea titles like colorblind and anti kkk anti nazi signs def indicate Nazi rap.
Title: Re: SKINHEAD RAP ? Oi ! HIP HOP ?
Post by: Kill on November 29, 2005, 04:16:41 PM
lol, it´s kinda sad how many people think skinhead, or white skinhead at least, equals racist or even Nazi. Matter fact, the original skin heads that were there before Neo Nazism were Oi!´s and Ska fans. The culture has its origins in the UK, and skinheads used to listen to bands such as Madness and The Specials in Great Britain in the mid 70´s, creating an entire subculture. When the skinhead Nazis started to pop up, those original skinheads adopted a strong anti-nazi attitude (they have an anti-hippie attitude too btw) and that´s what you see here (I´m not an expert though, just trying to sum it up the best I can)

and this btw is interesting somehow, skinhead rap. might listen to one of those mp3´s later
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Post by: Mac 10 † on November 29, 2005, 04:41:25 PM
a skinhead is a haircut, not a personality nor a lifestyle
Title: Re: SKINHEAD RAP ? Oi ! HIP HOP ?
Post by: jimmy69 on November 30, 2005, 01:28:35 AM

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Post by: hempside on November 30, 2005, 02:21:49 AM
MYane I have not gave a kkk member(whome got a good ass whuping down in stephenvill Texas)or Nazi a good beat down in a while........theres nothing like a screaming Klansman....fuck'em all.cause in the in, they still teach hate.............................any body remembers Ice-Ts song(Im in love with a KKK bitch.)
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Post by: Thuglife on December 03, 2005, 01:50:43 PM
what the fuck is this shit, this is bullshit
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Post by: jimmy69 on January 12, 2006, 06:20:14 AM


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Post by: jimmy69 on January 14, 2006, 04:33:27 PM

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Post by: jimmy69 on May 21, 2006, 08:55:29 AM
Roots Of The Skinhead (Video)


The Templars - New York City (Videoclip)


Title: Re: SKINHEAD RAP ? Oi ! HIP HOP ?
Post by: Diabolical on May 21, 2006, 03:27:13 PM
You think bald white dude = racist? You're really stupid if so. Skinheads are punks. Can be racist ones, don't have to. And yea titles like colorblind and anti kkk anti nazi signs def indicate Nazi rap.

Title: Re: SKINHEAD RAP ? Oi ! HIP HOP ?
Post by: QuietTruth on May 21, 2006, 03:30:32 PM
What the FUCK??  :eh:
Title: Re: SKINHEAD RAP ? Oi ! HIP HOP ?
Post by: The "Untouchable" DJR on May 21, 2006, 03:57:26 PM
Interesting read and I like tha anti KKK and swastika picz...

If you don't wanna take tha time to read everything remember this: not every white skinhead iz a racist/neo-nazi there are alotta skinheadz like these dudez who absolutely defy racism, facism and white power, they have their own little subculture with musical influencez ranging from tha punk, ska, hardcore and/or hip hop scene!
And oh yeah tha group Screwdriver iz mentioned somewhere in tha interview, I've heard of them now THATZ really bad shit but I remember when I heard that one of tha band memberz had gotten killed in some accident and I couldn't help thinkin' that that muthafucka got what he deserved... Normally I would never think such a thing but these guyz really had a fucked up and twisted point of view as evident in their "music"...

But tha point here iz don't be prejudiced I remember thinkin' in '87-'89 that every hardcore/metal band was made up of a bunch of dumb racist muthafuckaz, by diggin' a little further however I found out that some of them (S.O.D., M.O.D. btw a couple of memberz from these two bandz later recorded a rap/metal song and even did a remix with Public Enemy for Bring The Noise) were borderline racist rather politically incorrect for shock value only, and some of them (Carnivor, tha old Type-O-Negative) were indeed seriously racist but 95% of them were NOT however!

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Post by: Diabolical on May 21, 2006, 04:17:26 PM
Most Hardcore/Punk bands are against racisim and any other kind of discrimination ie sexisim.

Alot of metal bands are too.

And SOD is a side project from the band Anthrax.
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Post by: The "Untouchable" DJR on May 21, 2006, 04:23:17 PM

And SOD is a side project from the band Anthrax.

Yeah they're tha onez who did that rap song and tha PE collabo...

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Post by: jimmy69 on May 30, 2006, 05:04:19 AM
Skinhead Reggae (Video)


Skinheads History

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Post by: jimmy69 on September 15, 2007, 02:54:53 PM
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Post by: everlast1986 on September 15, 2007, 05:06:42 PM
hmmm interesting
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Post by: BuddenzNasir on September 15, 2007, 05:36:14 PM
i know these people...my friend is in colorblind. Im getting one of those shirts to sport when i perform. cool people
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Post by: MontrealCity's Most on September 15, 2007, 05:48:38 PM
anti-racist skin heads? why just be anti racist and not dress and get a hair cut like those fukin skin heads?

Yeah i would htink thats confusing lol