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Breakaway bought Nate Doggís contract from Death Row for something like $500k so Iím skeptic of Suge supposedly funding the label. Reggie has spoke on this before.

What would Suge even have to gain by starting a side label with no public attachment to Death Row? Death Row itself was not doing so hot at the time.

All I can tell you is; I was told Suge was funding it from Jail by someone working for Breakaway. She told me one day she received a call telling her it was her last day and the company was done. And when she went to collect unemployment, she found out the company wasn't paying taxes, they had no record of her working for them and she couldn't collect. She said it was all super shady.

She did however hook me up with a bunch of promo CD's and a signed Nate Dogg Poster.

Ya Iím not doubting what she said to you I just think she heard incorrect information because it doesnít make sense and thatís not what the guy running Death Row at the time said about it. Hereís one interview where he talks about it.

It's cool. I'm not here to blow smoke. I'm just trying to give information from a creditable source who actually worked there. Take it or leave it, I don't care.

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WOW, thanks!

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R.I.P Nipsey

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Please reup:
A Tribe Called Quest - The Ummah Years
Q-Tip - Open (Unreleased)

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Dope Album one of sermons best in years.
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