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Started by Tha Crip - Last post by U.N.T.O.U.C.H.A.B.L.E.

it's just an unfinished draft, original version has 3 verses

No.  Dre said in the Source in 96 he took off one of his verses and put Pac on—this is definitely the o.g.—there is no 3rd verse.

you're actually right i went back and read that issue, i stand corrected  ;D

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Started by woof - Last post by doggfather

tracklist looks good!

Started by woof - Last post by woof

Artwork by Tooncrew

Really Doe (ft Rose Royce & The Pointer Sisters) [Filthy Rich blend]
What Can I Do (Westside RMX)
The Ill sh*t (w/ Erick Sermon)
My Skin Is My Sin (ft WC)
Wicked Wayz (w/ Mr Mike)
You Know How We Do It RMX + OG (ft Buju Banton) [Filthy Rich ReFix]
Friday (w/ B-Real, Redman, MC Eiht) [Filthy Rich blend]
Bow Down (w/ WC & Mack 10)
Lil Ass Gee RMX
Natural Born Killaz (w/ Dr Dre)
Ghetto Bird (OG + RMX)
West Up (w/ WC & The Maad Circle) [Filthy Rich blend]
Down For Whatever
Hand Of The Dead Body OG + 2 RMXS (w/ 2Pac & Scarface) [Filthy Rich ReFix]
St Ides Commercial (w/ Geto Boyz)
Bop Gun (ft George Clinton)

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Started by WestWestYA - Last post by Sccit

i finally listened to this front 2 back...i think all the production is dope and most (if not all) the songs go. only complaint i have is that mozzy is starting to get a lil repetitive to me wit his raps. startin to feel if you've heard 1 mozzy song, you've heard em all. 1 up top ahk actually felt kinda fresh compared to this one, but maybe that's cuz he's been droppin so many projects tho.

Started by Okka - Last post by HighEyeCue

those expecting early 90's Cube are going to be dissapointed, he hasnt been that rapper in 20 years

comparing this to his last album it is definitely an improvement 8)

Started by Okka - Last post by D-Nice

Bout half way through and it’s solid. Nothing wack and nothing groundbreaking so far.

Started by Okka - Last post by Blood$

played the album at work today and I swear some of y'all just look for anything to bitch about lol did I really read someone complain that Cube of all people is too political?  :laugh:

aside from some of the beats being kinda repetitive/average in the later half, this was way better than I Am The West and I'd also argue as an album it's better than Raw Footage... need to give it a few more spins before I decide to cop a hard copy or not

Started by Okka - Last post by Sccit

The song with Too Short is dope. It's produced by DJ Pooh. Good to see he and Cube aren't beefin' anymore. Hopefully Pooh could help with "The Last Friday"?

what was their beef

Cube acted like he wrote the first "Friday" when most of it was supposedly written by Pooh. I think Solo talked about it in his new interview with Soren Baker.

oh i thought u said he had a beef with short lol .. i knew about the pooh shit
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