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51   West Coast Connection / Re: Any update on Restless II?on October 14, 2019, 12:57:44 AM

Started by Petey is my Bo$$ - ALKN - Last post by Cey_Cey

Ask Xzibit if "Take Your Stripes" (feat. Dr. Dre) and "Take Me There" (feat. Tray Deee & Ms. Roq) are actually real songs and if they were produced by Dr. Dre or not.

Those are real tracks. They were avilable for download back in 2001-2002 on WestCoast2k I think as snippets in RM (Real Media) formats. Even knowing that I had to ask X about them. Who knows, him bein host on Pharmacy maybe we'll see those in some future episodes of that show when they open up the Vault. ;)

There are people here still who remembers wc2k... no im not crying, just got emotinal a bit.

Started by OmegaRed - Last post by doggfather

asia got a lot of video again.  ;D

Started by OmegaRed - Last post by doggfather

phuckin good!

54   Outbound Connections / Re: The last 5 albums you listened toon October 13, 2019, 11:29:59 PM

Started by green-eyed bandit - Last post by doggfather

Skyzoo and Pete Rock - Retropolitan
Hus Kingpin: SLIME WAVE LP
Hus Kingpin & DJ Caesar: The Coming Of Wave
Bizzy Bone - Carbon Monoxide
Rich The Factor & DJ Fresh – The Tonite Show With Rich The Factor

Started by tha kid2012 - Last post by Klue

super rare thanks for the share  :)

56   West Coast Connection / Re: Any update on Restless II?on October 13, 2019, 01:39:27 PM

Started by Petey is my Bo$$ - ALKN - Last post by Caliluv213

his next album called k1ng maker (alkn)

Bacc 2 Restless II Sccif

57   Tha G-Spot / Re: If you have any haters..on October 13, 2019, 01:38:27 PM

Started by OriginalVersion - Last post by Caliluv213

Lol u really vegan? This is bringing back memories. When i had photos of your mom on my account was funny at the time but pretty fucked up in retrospect haha

lol naah but i don’t eat meat the way sikotic do.....

welcome back tho muhfukka .. i thought somethin mighta happened to u out in salinas, glad u doin well.

that shit was definitely outa pocket, but we were all pretty dumb as children, so no hard feelings.

Forgive and forget that’s peace but also remember it was your boy Infinite who always had your back back in the day when others didn’t rekognize

u definitely held me down bro.. the only glitch on your resume is your 2013-2014 beef wit me, which was rooted in insecurity. but we all have blunders, so i ain’t mad at ya.


u don’t remember the infamous beef when he came to LA and got mad that he felt like LAMB was treating him like cheddar bob?

come to think, i believe u mighta been away from the forum at the time
Sccif a mufucka overall so I still take him as a homie

In, U doo kno Sccif iz a homosaxiphone? Diz fagot begged ta succ a baccas dicc n LA Counti. He waz rejected W/ extreme violance.

Started by Sccit - Last post by Sccit

draft in a couple hours

Started by 2Relevant - Last post by doggfather

RIP Guru!

60   Tha G-Spot / If you dont have any haters on October 13, 2019, 10:01:44 AM

Started by OriginalVersion - Last post by Emilesog

This is the 1st episode of Arrow I have watched where I was bored by everything that was going on. The only saving grace in the episode was Sin and it was also nice to see Deathstroke.
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