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Started by Sccit - Last post by 'EclipZe

Another year another trophy hunt  8)

62   The Studio / Re: Mesa vs Sccifon October 12, 2019, 04:52:37 PM

Started by Caliluv213 - Last post by Sccit

whatís a wigga to a sicka jigga
tryna tickle dicks n trick a chick to lick a clit?
itís tha shit when sccitll spit a hitta wit a bigga prick
mista mista, the bitch? i kill ha wit a heater like iím gilma
gilmore, kill whores wit a wig to split n stick the slit then film ya
the bigga figga mesa wit a meth addiction in a
messy situation itís a bitter banning wicca killa


63   West Coast Connection / Re: Any update on Restless II?on October 12, 2019, 04:26:52 PM

Started by Petey is my Bo$$ - ALKN - Last post by Sccit

his next album called k1ng maker (alkn)

64   Outbound Connections / Jeezy - TM104on October 12, 2019, 12:07:59 PM

Started by Young Old Head - Last post by Young Old Head

Surprised I couldn't find a thread about it.

Also still looking for hard copies... Anyone know if they ever dropped any?

Started by Sccit - Last post by Caliluv213

Kobe Bryant Says Those Who Rank Him 25th Need Drug Testing

By Brandon Bombay
22 hours 18 min ago
Kobe Bryant says anyone who ranks him 25th best in the league should be drug tested.
Continuing to fire back at the critics, first with changing his Twitter background to "1225" in response to the Lakers being ranked 12th in the West, and NBA Rank putting him 25th.  Mamba told reporters that anyone who would rank him that low needs to be tested for drug use.
He also joked that the "1225" on his Twitter was a shoutout to his "pet's birthday."

last thing u wanna do is give kobe ammo, dumbfucks

Return 2 tha Laccas imminent

66   West Coast Connection / Re: Any update on Restless II?on October 12, 2019, 09:38:10 AM

Started by Petey is my Bo$$ - ALKN - Last post by Caliluv213

Coming Christmas 19?

Started by Caliluv213 - Last post by Caliluv213

Started by kingwell - Last post by Caliluv213

Sccif iz a present day Ms Jackson.

69   The Studio / Re: Anybody Else Wanna battle Sccif iznt tha oneon October 12, 2019, 08:47:42 AM

Started by Neddy Babaae - Last post by Caliluv213

Great threat

70   West Coast Connection / SCCIF iz finish or (Swede)on October 12, 2019, 08:43:48 AM

Started by Sccit - Last post by Caliluv213

fyi this was the kid who SicX raped and he took his name.

banned for lying

You ban mi I'll ban you bacc
Sccif came up a humell Israili joo but now jus an oz meth and cracc
U delete mi post
Then u bitch ass go ghost
Not like power mo like wcr harassing flower
Jome, Rud and Nima can't stand u only in mod status cuz of a don and okka on baccas dicc
Still claiming Beverly chicc
Still violated by Sccif Sr
Still can't fucc wit Ice
That's a Cube not a European Wigga like U
Sccif u p-u-s-s-i
Can't fite bacc dant evan tri
U can't fill mi see hear mi smell mi
Wy ass wy
Claimin Nazis jooed yo accowt u became u advisary
Real phoni
Team hacc iz dead u nazi lik you hate
Claimin ecoli wile u wait
Message from Hacc iz fucc
U too nazi u aint a joo
Sik says every1 knows u huffin gloo
Last versey
Beg 4 merci
Sccif u 4ever pussi
Remember wen
U tryed succin mi in LA counti
There 4 a minor drug offense Mi there 4 Tennessee parole violee
I reject u again and again wuzi
Bitch fiend faggot Sccif u pussi
Total disgrace to yo Israili heriturge
U fucced wit WestCoastRydaz aliving legen Jason Mesa
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