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CREDITS: Pigeon John - Sings The Blues
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Pigeon John - Sings The Blues
Basement Records

1. Upside Down Rotten
Produced By Mils

2. Nothing Without You
Produced By Pigeon John

3. Perfect Formality
Produced By Pigeon John

4. She Cooks Me Oatmeal!
Produced By Pigeon John

5. Sleeping Giants (Ft. The Grouch & Eligh)
Produced By Mr. J Of The Procussions

6. Matter 101
Produced By Pigeon John

7. You Can't Have It
Produced By Pigeon John

8. The Grand Oli Waltz
Produced by Pigeon John & Matt Mahafey Of Self.

9. Life Goes On (Ft.Abstract Rude & DJ Rhettmatic)
Produced By J. Boogie

10. Emily N PJ All Day Remix
Produced By Pigeon John

11. Identity Crisis N In Like FLYNN Remix
Produced By FLYNN

12. Rainy Day (Ft. Redcloud)
Produced By Malachi Perez

13. Draw Me
Produced By Mr J. Of The Procussions
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