Author Topic: Cash Money & No Limit's success?  (Read 721 times)


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Re: Cash Money & No Limit's success?
« Reply #25 on: February 04, 2006, 04:44:59 PM »
i liked 96-98 NO LIMIT.... never like cash money....

what else?



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Re: Cash Money & No Limit's success?
« Reply #26 on: February 05, 2006, 07:08:48 PM »
No doubt that No Limit def has some West Coast elements to it, but so did the Geto Boys.  And P lived in Richmond, Cali for a while, he dropped those "West Coast Bad Boyz" albums, so obviously he was influenced by the west coast sound -  Just like I am, and i'm from the midwest.  And not all of their songs were raw and cheap sounding.  Make Em Say Ugh was a clean ass record, and arguably their biggest hit.

Talent wise, they had a decent pool.  You mentioned Mystikal and Snoop, but BBTP were talented, and so was Mia X and Mac.

Oh, I know P was in Richmond...No Limit was based there for a while, so it figures P would be influenced by Dre, Snoop, and other popular West Coast rappers.  But generally speaking, their shit was wack.  Sometimes, they were entertaining, but that was kinda rare.  And most of No Limit's stuff did have an underground kinda sound to it, obviously not the singles, but most of their other shit.  I remember one summer when I came from college, and my little brother (who was about 12 then) was bumpin No Limit albums, and spouting bout how their shit was so street-sounding.  I've always thought that's how No Limit got over - their music was extremely cheap (I think KLC said in an interview that their recording budgets were ridiculously low), so it came across sounding like something from the underground.  And all the suburban kids were like, "Aiight, word, this some street-level gangsta shit right here!" even though it was really just cheap.

Yeah...their overall sound definitely didn't reflect G-Funk...they actually re-defined what southern music sounded like, and that's why South music is so 808-heavy and has that bouncy "crunk" tempo to it. Before No Limit, down south music sounded soulful like with Outkast and Goodie Mob, and was suuuuuuuper fast tempo and strictly for dance, like Luke's music. No Limit's sound was somethin like crunk, but most of their songs were a lot more laid back. Yeah some of P's older songs sounded like they were G-Funk inspired, such as "Mr. Ice cream man" "Bout it bout it" and "How you do dat there"....but their biggest tracks, such as "It ain't my fault" "Hot boyz n girls" "Make em say uhh" "Thinkin about you" "That's that nigga/rapper" "Hoody hoo" and "No Limit Soldiers" had their own sound that helped begin the evolution of what Lil Jon and the rest of the artists down south sound like.

There are some clear elements of G-Funk in BBTP's work, even after P had already relocated to his hometown.  The whiny synthesizers, the bits of soulful piano keys, shit like that.  Listen to C-Murder's albums especially - "Life Or Death" is almost a straight G-Funk record.  And Three-6 were already doing "crunk" shit before that.  Remember, P ripped off a lotta cats from everywhere, not just West Coast.  P did help put the South on top, I'll give you that, but I don't think No Limit really contributed much artistically.
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Re: Cash Money & No Limit's success?
« Reply #27 on: February 06, 2006, 08:49:53 AM »
man No Limit was so big that itīs crazy, i mean even 1 of Kane & Abelīs albumīs was certified gold. now go out and ask people if theyīve ever heard of Kane & Abel. and whether or not you like P aint that important but you canīt hate on him for gettin the best deal in rap history and he never did commercial music when he was big. he did it his way and when you think about how hardcore most of NLīs singles were itīs crazy that they sold so many units. more rappers should take a few notes from P on how you can get paid without becoming a slave and selling your soul. he actually made 77% of the money with his Priority deal and thatīs unheard of, itīs pretty much impossible to get a major deal and still make indie money but thatīs what P did and he did it by bein a true hustler. like selling 400k of the first TRU album with his brothers indie and thatīs crazy. all of the these new rappers from their south owes all of their success to Master P coz before him you didnīt hear no southern music on the radio or on MTV(that might not be a good thing lol). but No Limit actually had some rappers that could spit like MAC(one of the best rappers from south),Mystikal,Fiend and a couple of more that i donīt remember the names of right now. and yea P did fall of after the Pound left but he really fell of forever when Deadly Soundz stopped fucking with him coz of a debt. Pīs downfall was prolly his hustler mentality coz he kept on taking all of the proceeds and not splitting them with his team and he fucked over all of his artists. and a lot of artists should learn from Pīs mistake coz he released too much shit and thatīs why people got tired of him and guys like 50 Cent should take notice coz if 50 keeps this up the same thing that happened to P will happen to 50.