Author Topic: double standards: germany prosecutes anti-semite for "denying" the halocaust  (Read 809 times)


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the holacoust did happen but jews have exploited it at every opportunity for their own gains.

fact: there is a correlation between israeli actions and palestinian terroism

Of course, but there is a great deal of causality between Palestinian Terrorist Actions and Israel's actions. Meaning that Israel's actions take place BECAUSE of Palestinian Terrorism.

See the diff between correlation and causality?
Yes correlation between Israel's actions and terrorism exists, of course...but not every roadblocked Palestinian is gonna become a terrorist...
Now as for Palestinian Terrorism and Israeli actions....Israeli military actions take place due to Palestinian terrorism, in order to eradicate it.
thats just your view. if we were to ask the palestinians they would say that their actions are due to israel occupying their land.
i'm assuming u see the problem right? no point in arguing about this

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*Tech addressing the issue at hand^^^*

Tech never addresses the topic at hand. He usually responds with corny jokes or threatens to kick someone's ass like a tough guy.

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thats just your view. if we were to ask the palestinians they would say that their actions are due to israel occupying their land.

It's wierd u know. How people who don't know the historical facts, like to create this sort of ambiguity and relativity. May I remind you that Arab militants existed before the first Jewish underground group existed. Arab hostility preceded the first "illegal" settlement. Palestinian Arabs were encouraged, by the Arab states, to leave their land when they were granted with most of what today is Israel (Partition Plan). If they wanted the land- they could have it. FACT IS THEY REFUSED TO RESIST THEIR MUSLIM BROTHERS FROM THE ARAB WORLD...After all we're talking about Dar Al Islam here, so I guess Allah was suppose to let the Arab armies win in 48?
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