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We are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.

Our soul inhabits this meat sack in this incarnation. Be good and you get real freedom.

well said

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Re: Lucid Dreaming
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I've used to wake up all the time n my mind was awake but my body was paralyzed n I couldn't breathe n then just as I'm panicking thinking I'm gon die I wake up properly. Hasn't happens in years... Only out of body experience I've had was when we crashed a stolen car. I put my arm up to cover my face at the last second before we hit the power pole but I still hit the windscreen n kissed the dashboard. I remember vividly seeing my friend getting thrown around in the back seat and then standing outside the passenger side next to her and the driver looking in at myself slumped over in the passenger seat... Then I watch my head start to rise n then I'm back in my body.... Straight away covered my hand with my jacket sleeve opened the door n we all three hightails it back to the mish.... Crazy.... But it makes me believe in a spirit/soul n a afterlife... Hense, trying to get right with god in this life so I don't end up in the fiery depths of hell....